Clueless Commercial Alert: Microsoft ZUNE

Im still trying to figure out just what the heck is going on in this Microsoft Zune Commercial. So wait…. are the monsters like on a date out eating people in vans and then causing explosions?

What the hell does that have to do with MP3 Devices?

Somebody wanna help me out? Tell me what you think it means in the replies. My brain hurts from trying.

JAX – The Rock Insider

  • Gasoline Hobo

    i think it means that an advertising agency was given too much money.

    also, they look kinda like gummi bears gone TOTALLY WRONG.

    mmmm. gummi bears.

  • the_KING

    no idea. i enjoyed watching it though. the wtf factor is always a good marketing ploy. we’re thinking about it.

  • Anonymous

    a total guess here: a very vague reference to the “squirting”/sharing feature of the zune. the song and action is about feeling left out/alone and that joy comes from sharing with friends.

    more wtf to peak interest on the obvious level of course.

  • JAX

    So I can totally see the whole SHARING aspect. But as far as peaking my interest on the WTF level I’m just plain baffled.

    Now I’m not a Microsoft marketing manager or anything and certainly don’t work at an ad agency but as far as I can tell I am the exact target demographic that ZUNE is trying to hit and I seriously just dont get these commercials.

    The Regina Spektor is even more strange.

    I get the left field bit. I get the WTF bit, but dang I’m just left feeling confused and slightly scared that a monsters going to eat me.

  • Anonymous


  • scott

    I don’t know anyone who has even thought of using/buying a Zune.

  • Psyko Steve

    More proff that they just don’t get it. They are trying to get in to a market that they just don’t understand. It’s almost funny how clueless they can be with all of that money.

    But that was funny if only for the WTF faactor.

  • Rohit

    Well these r not comercials. That is these r not going to be put on the TV or any where.
    The video is fom Zune-arts.com where they just put stuff from artists. The guy who made this video is Creative Director at http://www.bitstate.com/.

    All videoa at the site is just a creative outlet with sharing as theam. And again they are not ads in traditional sense.

    I loved the video. Its really cool.

  • Anonymous

    It’s just them saying “yeah, we’ve heard of lily allen. Why don’t you bloggers talk about that now?” Or they hope iPod’s gonna let them “eat up” the market of smaller manufacturers. I know, that was lame.