Last Night’s Let’s Independent

Death To Anders At Let’s Independent

[MP3] Death To Anders
- Camera Lens
[MP3] The MonolatorsEagle Fighting Zebra
[MP3] Wait Think Fast – Bridge and Cars

I woke up this morning with a fever of 101. This is what happens when I go to four shows in four consecutive nights. My body is staging a revolt. Instead of making a feeble thera flu fueled attempt to recount how great Radio Free Silverlake ‘s “Let’s Independent” with Wait Think Fast, My beloved Monolators, and Death To Anders was I’m going to direct everyone to Classical Geek Theatre and Mouse’s FANTASTIC coverage + review of the show. CGT is a new blog in town covering the LA music scene and I must say he is doing a stellar job.  Add it to your bookmarks for sure.

Death To Anders seriously surprised me. I thought they played a fantastic set. Last night was the CD release show for their new album Ficticious Business. You can pick it up on the bands myspace page.