The Sundelles – Dead Youth

The Sundelles (Brooklyn, NY)

Been listening to a lot of new music lately – including this band The Sundelles. The band currently lives in Brooklyn by way of San Diego are are part of the 1928 recordings family home to The Soft Pack (Formerly The Muslims) and The Browns. I was really digging their tracks on myspace so I asked them to send me an MP3. They sent over “Dead Youth” which has become my unofficial anthem for the beginning of 2009.

The band’s sound is as classic garage as you can get and there is something reminiscent of Sid Vicious in the singer’s voice. This track is filled with youthful exuberance and defiance. Definitely mixtape worthy!

Download “Dead Youth” below. You can listen to more tracks on the band’s myspace page.

[MP3] The Sundelles –
Dead Youth