Blue Jungle TONIGHT at The Smell + Huge Show at Spacelad TONIGHT

Blue Jungle (Los Angeles, CA)

[MP3] Blue Jungle – Here We Go Again

Blue Jungle celebrate the release of their full length debut Baby Don’t Cry at The Smell with Crocodiles and more. After party at L’Keg. Blue Jungle are certainly a band to watch in LA. Their breed of droning post-punk combined with the fabulous presence of front woman Blu Blu is sure to cause quite a stir in the coming months.

Tonight’s lineup at Spaceland is sure to hit capacity with The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra, Lemon Sun, Afternoons, and The Henry Clay People all playing on the same bill. It’s also Kelly’s last show singing with FTO. Henry Clays will be playing the midnight slot testing out new touring members.

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