Around The Blogs…..

Hipster Runoff has been on an absolute roll lately. All the more reason to obsessively read his site every fucking day.

On Animal Collective:

“I feel like they are sort of like a ‘really funny, progressive comedy that got cancelled from cable TV’ in band format, except they are a band so they don’t get ‘cancelled’–they get the opportunity to move forward become more authentic, letting their fan base ‘grow’ with them.” [Read More]

Truth be told I actually haven’t listened to Merriweather Post Pavillion yet. Even after it leaked. Still I’m writing about the hype. Most bloggers just call this kind of behavior their “End of The Year” List.

Sometimes Rock Insider Photographer Benjamin Hoste launched his own blog – Yeah Yeah I Know Your Style. We love him and support him and his awesome photos so you should too. Bookmark that shit. Check his updates, and if you’re in a band hook him up with photo passes so he can make you look hot (you’re already good-looking but seriously…HOT!) He also has awesome photos of Robert Francis and Red Cortez from Monday night.

SXSW MADNESS IS NOW UPON US!!! The best blog for all the SXSW scoop including day parties band previews, and info is Done Waiting. If you’re going be sure check this site every day!