Wavves Sign To Fat Possum – 2nd Full Length Out March 17th!

Wavves (Los Angeles, CA)

I think it’s insanely funny that the band’s LA Blogs love to talk about hardly ever get national press while the bands that skate just under the radar and don’t get written about by LA Blogs are the ones who garner national acclaim and praise.

What does that say about LA Music Writers?

ANNNNNY WAY. I was very stoked when I opened up my inbox this morning to learn that LA Based No Wave/Experimental Rock artist WAVVES have signed to Fat Possum and will be putting out his second full length entitled WAVVVES on March 17th, 2009. He will also be a featured artist at SXSW this year.

I featured WAVVES on a Monday mix a few months back but have left features well enough alone. He already has GorillavsBear and Pitchfork acclaim and doesnt need features from the lolely Rock Insider.

Self deprication aside – WAVVES music is lo-fi at its absolute fabulous. The whole record sounds like its wrapped in a warm blanket of fuzz that actually has a great deal of melody and repetitive hooks that get stuck in your head. All the press and supposed hype its actually well deserved. Check out “So Bored” below. WAVVES will be playing at The El Rey on Jan 24th with Tapes N’ Tapes and White Denim.

[MP3] Wavves – So Bored

(Fat Possum)
Street date: March 17, 2009

1. Rainbow Everywhere
2. Beach Demon
3. To The Dregs
4. Sun Opens My Eyes
5. Gun In The Sun
6. So Bored
7. Goth Girls
8. No Hope Kids
9. Weed Demon
10. California Goths
11. Summer Goth
12. Ghost Ramp
13. Killr Punx, Scary Demons
14. Surf Goth
bonus track: Wavves

  • Jeff

    I thought Wavves was from San Diego. In any case, the new album’s pretty rockin’. Lotsa good fuzz coming out of Southern California these days.

  • Anonymous

    White Denim wont be playing on that bill….they’ll be in Texas drinking margaritas