Dead Man’s Bones (Los Angeles, CA)

I’m all for actor’s who become musicians. I don’t see anything wrong with exercising your creative juices especially if you are good at your instrument. It’s the same way I think there’s nothing wrong with music bloggers playing in bands – Scott from Surfing On Steam is the very talented guitarist in The Meeting Places and yours truly plays bass in The Monolators. There is no law that says you can’t be good at two things – although truth be told I’m a SHIT music blogger.

On to the story at hand:

I know of certain females who go to shows at Spaceland simply because Ryan Gosling *MIGHT* be in the audience. Well guess what…now you can see him on stage!!!

Ryan Gosling is in a new band called Dead Man’s Bones. The band will be releasing a new record on Werewolf Heart Records – which is owned by members of Ima Robot. Gosling play keys and sings. At first his voice reminded me of Ian Curtis of Joy Division but something in his alliteration is so uncannily Patrick Wolf. Download a live track below. It’s complete with a childrens choir which is deliciously over the top.

You can catch Dead Man’s Bones at Mar. 21st in Austin at the Werewolf Heart Records Showcase.

[MP3] Dead Man’s Bones – In The Room Where You Sleep (wrap party live version)

  • Scott

    We are multi-taskers.

  • Anonymous

    Look up their older stuff like “Paper Ships” and a song actually titled “Dead Man’s Bones”. They’re good.

  • zeik

    just put me in a car with that man…