Brass Bed, George Glass, Verb the Adjective Noun @ Spaceland

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“…Midnight Matinee is a kaleidoscope of orchestral flourishes, psych-pop contagiousness, fuzzed-out rock, wilting country winks, and even the occasional detour into noise. It’s an ADHD modus operandi that probably shouldn’t work, but thanks to watertight songwriting, is miraculously cohesive.” -Flagpole

“Midnight Matinee is full of exuberant indie-pop tunes that take some of the spacey and rocking moments of earlier Wilco records and ditch the country influences in favor of soaring pop hooks a la James Mercer of the Shins… In the end, Midnight Matinee ends up something like a well-attended benefit show: fun you can feel good about.” -Bradley Occhipinti, Have You Heard?

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8:30pm / $8 / 21+