Eastern Conference Champions, Therapy Session, Moving Picture Show @ Spaceland FREE SHOW

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True, unapologetic modern rock and roll with folk influences, Eastern Conference Champions is a bit unique in their approach, tweaking their style from track to track. At times they highlight the “let the choir sing” angle (if only with their instruments), while at other times they work the subtle backbone component that is percussion. Smart music for a generation that’s been ready for it. – Beat Crave

ECC are set to make a comeback, as we highlight the strength of this 5 song EP and their recent inclusion on the Twilight: Eclipse soundtrack. The group beat out over 400 bands for that gig! What you will find on Santa Fe is that the trio has definitely grown in sound, as they have a much more focused and complete rock foundation that ebbs, flows and builds larger sound structures. This is all good news, as we anticipate their new full length Speak-Ahh slated for release this fall. Santa Fe is merely a good catch up of where they have been and won’t disappoint! – The Fire Note

Moving Picture Show
Therapy Session

8:30pm / FREE / 21+