Thelonious Monster, Speedbuggy @ Spaceland

From Spaceland:


Thelonious Monster || Watch

A sort of all-star collection of L.A. scenesters and musicians, Thelonious Monster formed in 1986 and specialized in what would best be described as drunk-rock in the tradition of the Replacements. Ramshackle, loose live performances — one was never sure if the band would actually turn up or finish out — seemed to be their hallmark, yet at times lead vocalist and lyricist Bob Forrest was capable of brilliance. No matter the lyrical scenario, nothing was ever good enough for him. The band began with a messy, four-guitar record, Baby….You’re Bumming My Life Out in a Supreme Fashion in 1986 with Pete Weiss, drums; Jon Huck, bass; K.K., guitar; Bill Stobaugh, guitar; Chris Handsome, guitar; and Dix Denney, guitar. They followed it with Next Saturday Afternoon, a more coherent effort. The John Doe-produced Stormy Weather in 1989 was a step up, as the band had since been taken under the wing of X and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, serving as a support act and getting some informal studio help from Doe and Flea on occasion. The lineup revolved, but in the end, Weiss, Denney, and Handsome remained true to Forrest. Beautiful Mess, an uneven, all-star gala (appearances by Tom Waits, Al Kooper and Soul Asylum) came out three years later. Forrest occasionally appears as a solo acoustic act, and the band tours sporadically. ~ Denise Sullivan, All Music Guide


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Modern punk bands have been adding scratchers, samples, and other ‘hip-hop’ elements to try to evolve the genre, but SPEEDBUGGY instead has turned to our American musical roots. “Punk rock and old country mixed easily. We cover Hank Williams, Buck Owens, and George Jones… it’s kind of strange to see kids jumping off stage… during a cover of I Saw the Light.” The band has already completed three national tours (including Bad Religion, Punk Rock Karaoke tours) and have released three albums. Their hard work is paying off as people realize more and more that SPEEDBUGGY may just be the best new cow-punk band in the nation. – Happy Magazine

8:30pm / $8 / 21+