The Deadly Syndrome, Polls, Pity Party, Signals, and Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits at the Echoplex

at the echoplex


We are so stoked to introduce you to Polls from Los Angeles, CA. Haven’t heard of them yet? Well, if your into noise laden dream pop that lulls you into dream land like a bulldozer through a china shop than LISTEN UP!


The Pity Party are arguably one of the most innovative and intriguing bands in Los Angeles today. Heisenflei’s ability to multi-task on drum/keys/and vocals simultaneously makes even the pros jealous. Pair that with M’s hypnotic guitars and deep space melodies and you have a recipe for world domination.


Hailing from LA, Signals are a brand new band comprised of three beautiful boys: Jon Gray, Bill Gray, and Jacob Cooper. The three have played together since 2005, but are better known for being formerly active members of much-loved The Mae Shi.


There must be some reason Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits say it three times , it seems to have nothing to do with their emotional and moody noisy pop, fuzzy and loud guitars alternating with melancholic riffs, melodies building a desolated and at the same time soothing atmosphere.

The 4th Annual Christmas Sweater Fest benefit concert returns this year to the Echoplex on Saturday, December 11. The annual event curated by LA indie favorites The Deadly Syndrome will feature an array of bands from the ever intriguing Los Angeles music scene including Polls, The Pity Party, Signals, and Rabbits Rabbits Rabbits. Tickets are on-sale now online and at Origami Vinyl in Echo Park. Purchasing tickets in advance is recommended as the event will sell out. 100% of the net proceeds of this years event will go to help fund Teen Impact.

Teen Impact is a program at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles for teens and young adults that have or once had cancer or a blood disease. We’re open to teens and young adults from any part of the country and from any hospital or treatment center. Teen Impact gives teens and young adults with cancer or a blood disease a chance to make new friends, share life experiences and participate in fun activities. The teens and young adults who participate in Teen Impact go to school, have jobs, prepare for the future, and most importantly enjoy life. In addition, Teen Impact has some services for parents and siblings, because we know that they need support and friendship too. Another great thing about Teen Impact is that it doesn’t cost you anything to participate. Call us at (323) 361-4660 to find out how to join Teen Impact.

@ Echoplex
enter at
1154 Glendale Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026