Batwings Catwings – Endless Summer


It’s always difficult for me to write about a friend’s band. You always feel like you can’t quite do it justice and at the same time fear that people won’t listen to it out of obvious nepotism.

Well dudes and dudettes – Batwings Catwings slay and their new video for “Endless Summer” just friggin’ rules. It also made me crave a salad for some weird reason. My Old KY Blog said it best:

“I can’t help but think people would have more success with their diet and exercise regimens if gyms simply played the Endless Summer video on loop in the cardio room. In fact, why stop there? Let just take things to their natural conclusion and hire Batwings Catwings frontdemon Dana Poblete and her Lydia Lunchesque pipes to teach Zumba classes.” – MyOldKYBlog

MP3: Batwings Catwings – Peacock Collection

The band have a new EP entitled “Peacock Collection” out FOR FREE on Indiangold Records. Download it right here.

more details over at Clay Tv!

  • http://twitter.com/cgtmouse cgtmouse

    They should just call themselves The Batwings.

  • http://skeletiquenoir.wordpress.com/ dana

    jexer, thx for the shouty! this is radical.