Mutual Benefit – Desert Island Feeling

Mutual Benefit

I posted a few tracks last week by the Columbus, Ohio’s  Mutual Benefit as part of our massive post about Wednesday’s amazing show at Lot 1 Cafe.

I felt compelled to single out Mutual Benefit’s track “Desert Island Feeling”  today because I can’t stop listening to it. It’s got to be the layered sarcastic “oohs” and toy instruments. There’s even a toy xylophone solo at the end. Throw in the below video made by visual artist Think or Smile and I might as well be 8yrs old tripping on nitrus and the dentist’s office staring at the fish tanks.

Furthermore I love how laid back and honest Mutual Benefit‘s approach is to song craft. On the project’s tumblr blog “the band” (Only Jordan at the moment) says they are “a hodgepodge of music and art celebrating little epiphanies and being in love with everything.” Mutual Benefit only has two goals – Do cool stuff and be kind to each other. I can totally get behind a statement like that.

You can listen to it a LOT more music here: www.mutualbenefit.bandcamp.com

MP3: Mutual Benefit – Desert Island Feeling

Desert Island Feeling by Mutual Benefit from Nathaniel Whitcomb on Vimeo.

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