Sutja Gutiérrez Original Soundtrack


So much amazing music coming out of Spain these days. Sutja Gutiérrez‘s album simply titled Sutja Gutiérrez Original Soundtrack entered my ipod about a week ago and hasnt left. Sutja is primarily known as a lo-fi artist and his creations are minimal masterpieces. Best part is most of these gems are available for FREE right here.

MP3: Sutja Gutiérrez – Lucy (Love Scene)

Sutja Gutiérrez Original Soundtrack (Preview) from Sutja Gutiérrez on Vimeo.

  • Ryko25

    “So much amazing music coming out of Spain”?????

    What are you talking about – Spanish music is as piss as it’s always been, possibly the worst in the world.

    This track sounds like something I’d have done on my 4-track when I was 18 and then abandoned because it sounds turd!

  • Sutjaes

    Relax baby, life hapens your mind not.

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  • Traveler

    Interesting music