It’s The Links That Bring Us Together

  • Nothing says Valentine’s Day better than a personalized mixtape. We made our own little mix over at JAXART featuring tunes from Steffaloo, Chelsea Wolfe, Blackbird Blackbird, Tan Dollar and more. [link]
  • SmokeDONTSmoke has a whole list of other mixtapes to check out including another amazing mix from Fox Is The New Black. [link]
  • Who the ???? Is Arcade Fire goes viral. One of my fav new tumblr blogs based on reactions to Arcade Fire’s big Grammy win on Sunday. [link]
  • Indie Rock Cafe has 5 bands to watch in 2011. We 100% agree about YUCK. They are going to have a big year. [link]
  • Radiohead announce their 8th studio album – King Of Limbs. Album is available on pre-order direct right now [link]
  • And Finally my CD drive on my ancient macbook  just broke. What kind of external drive should I buy? Please leave any help or links in the comments.
  • http://noisychaos.com/ Nick

    It’s more expensive but you can replace the internal drive:
    External drives are cheaper if that works for you. I haven’t used them but the cheap, slim USB burners are popular now. Make sure it will work with Macs and it looks like most of them use a double ended USB cable to be able to draw more power for burning disks so make sure that will work with your computer too. If it’s not really obvious that it’s going to work well get it from a local store that has a 30 day return policy.