Purity Ring – Ungirthed


I have been meaning to post this track for a while now. I have absolutely fallen in love with this bouncy/joyous electro track. There is just such a sumptuous vibe and hidden sex appeal in what to the naked ear sounds like a good ole’ fashioned pop gem.  I would even venture to say that THIS is my favorite new track of 2011 so far. Wow.

Purity Ring started as a side project of Gobble Gobble is now looking like things are really taking off. Recently Pitchfork gave the track it’s coveted “Best New Track” status and the band recently announced plans for a 7 Inch Single which will be out on Transparent Records in April. You can pre-order the 7 Inch right here.

Ungirthed by PURITY RING

The band will not be performing at SXSW but will be doing a DJ set during #MEGABLAAG. Head over to Yvynyl for more details on that.

- Speaking of SXSW – MAN IS IT COMING UP FAST! As we have done in previous years we will be releasing our SXSW Survival Guide along with recommendations of what you should try and catch while you’re in Austin! Check out our list from years past right here.