Doña Nicha – The Gentleman From Paris (Water Babies)

Doña Nicha (Los Angeles, CA)

MP3: Doña Nicha – The Gentleman From Paris (Water Babies)

I was sold on listening to Doña Nicha because it was described as being “of the same vein as Dum Dum Girls and Wavves.”  Upon my first listen I determined within the first three seconds of the first song that they  did in fact sound NOTHING like either or those bands.

Their debut Tila EP encompasses all the best parts of the 90s. A more accurate description of their music would be “If Sean Lennon and Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips’ had a love child – his band would sound like this.”

Doña Nicha formed in 2007 by brothers Nick and Billy Gil and neighbor Jason Hanakeawe. The name Doña Nicha (meaning “Madam Nicha” in Spanish) inspired a melodramatic reading of the band’s influences. Take a listen to “The Gentleman From Paris” above and be sure to purchase their EP on bandcamp for a whopping .50 cents!