Fidlar – Max Can’t Surf


3 Chord power rock. Check.
Snotty vocals. Check
Thrash punk blended with surf guitar riff. Check.
Cheap beer. Double Check.

Singing about how your friend Max can’t surf because he smokes two packs a day and has no balance? Golden.

This track by Fidlar is catchy as fuck made by a duo who embody the west coast punk sound of the early 80s. Fidlar found their footing playing all ages shows and FMLY Rides. Download if you appreciate Black Lips, Wavves, Ty Segall. Their new 7 Inch EP DIYDUI is out now on White Iris. Buy it here or stream more tracks off the release at bandcamp.

MP3: Fidlar – Max Can’t Surf

Fuck It Dog, Life’s A Risk!

- Limited edition 7″
- Black vinyl
- Spicy Paloma guaranteed


1. Wake Bake Skate
2. Oh
3. Wait For The Man
4. Max Can’t Surf