Black Girls Split Cassette

I met the lovely gentlemen of MJMJ (pro-nounce two michael jordans) Records on Saturday night. They are a cassette label that recently relocated to Los Angeles by way of Wisconsin. Co-Owner Andy is also the man behind Vacation Dad and is part of FMLY.

Recently the label released a split cassette for Blackhawks and Radiators Girls. The tape is entitled BLACK GIRLS. Blackhawks marry psychedelic folk, lo-fi, and some super trebley guitar to an astonishing pleasant effect. Radiator Girls eerie vocals break way to loud shambolic lo fi pop filled with great energy that reminds me a lot of Ty Segall. We really like this one peeps.  Stream the release and buy the cassette on bandcamp.

MP3: Blackhawks – Sunday Morning
MP3: Radiator Girls – Eerie Body