Electric Guest – Mondo


I feel like most of the time the LA music world has their collective heads buried too far in the sand to recognize when something awesome is about to happen right in our own backyard. Certain bands seem to get blown up to “local celebrity status” while others sneak in quietly and burst on to the scene on an international level.  Which begs the question – Is it better to be well known within the LA music world or well known outside of LA first?

Well ladies and gentlemen – You are about to know all about Electric Guest. Not because I’m telling you – but because your best friend’s little sister with an ear to the indie ground in Denver, CO is going to hear about it before you and tout it as the next big thing. You’ll probably ignore the murmurs until you see the band mentioned on Pitchfork or NME and claim you’ve been there from the very beginning. Stop being such a snob. You seriously don’t want to be that guy.

Electric Guest is the brainchild of Asa Taccone and Matthew Compton. If Asa looks strangely familiar it’s because he is no spring chicken to the music world at large. It wasn’t too long ago that his brother – Jorma of The Lonely Island fame, asked Asa to help write a track for an SNL Digital Short.  Perhaps you may have seen it. The track even went on to win an EMMY.

People will no doubt compare them to MGMT and Broken Bells. They marry psychadelic rock, pop, and R&B to wonderful effect.  Some of the catchiest tracks I’ve heard all year. Stream 4 tracks below.  The band have only played two shows so far with another one lined up at 3 Clubs on June 29th.