College Feat. Electric Youth – A Real Hero


If you haven’t yet – you have to see Drive. Not because some heartthrob pseudo indie actors are in it. Not because it looks like some crazy stylized LA Heist movie. Hell – not even to see Joan from Mad Men in full ghetto hunny glory.
GO SEE DRIVE because the music in this film is so spot on. Their use of dark wave and synth pop creates such a alien soundscape amidst an equally surreal storyline.  The film features music from relatively unknown acts such as the Italians Do It Better crew and College – whose track “A Real Hero” kind of makes the whole movie.

Mark my words – this track will be nominated for an Oscar.

College feat. Electric Youth – A Real Hero (music from the motion picture DRIVE) by College

  • Prescott908@gmail.com

    The movie sucked but this song, wow