Clean Up Glendale Blvd.

LA Based readers listen up. Wanted to share with you a worthwhile cause that is close to my heart.  I regularly try to complete a 6 mile run from Echo Park up to the Silverlake Reservoir and back. To get there I run the length of Glendale Blvd up to the 2 fwy.

To say its dangerous is an understatement. Broken glass, garbage, shopping carts, and other hazards litter the broken and uneven sidewalks. The sidewalks and walls are covered in graffiti and hedges and grass overgrown to the point where you can no longer safely get through. Enough is enough.

This Saturday Nov 5th at 9am at group of residents will meet to help clean up our community. I fully plan on attending and lending a helping hand. YOU SHOULD TOO! Details on the flyer above. If anyone would like to ride over with me please email me and lets connect.

  • Chris

    How about we clean up LA!?!? haha