Kodak To Graph – Visio’l EP

Ive been sitting on posting Kodak To Graph‘s amazing debut EP Visio’l until I could get my head around writing something. I usually find that when I enjoy an album immensely it becomes very difficult for me to articulate into words why I feel my readers should give it a chance.

Well ladies and gents – You really want to give this one a chance.

Kodak To Graph is the brainchild of Pensacola, Florida’s Michael Maleki. He creates lush electronic landscapes with sparse vocals. This EP is broad and sweeping. An album you can easily get lost in. There is also a heavy eastern influence on much of the album.

Do yourself a favor and download the EP for free over at Bad Panda Records.

MP3: Kodak To Graph- Express/Cause


MP3: Kodak To Graph – Zolembu 

  • Anonymous

    Very cool. Will definitely give it a listen.