Sean Brown, We Are Hyena, and Amidst at Spaceland

at spaceland

Sean Brown || Listen
In an era where critics and rappers themselves jump to declare the death of hip hop, 23 year-old Songwriter/Producer/Artist Sean Brown has been breathing new life into the genre with fresh, unique and fearless style as an up and coming artist. Born and raised in Southern California Sean Brown pursues to inspire the world with his words. Sean Brown is introducing music fans to a new sound as well as a brand new look for hip hop. “This is the beginning of something very massive, a movement…I think a lot of people are afraid to dream big and that’s where I have the upper hand.”

We Are Hyena
|| Listen
Hyena is the indie-electro musical lovechild of Michael Cooper (Transfer) and Bryan Stratman (Producer, Capricorn Studios). The band exploded onto the scene with their debut album ‘We See You’, a stellar combination of crossover indie-electronic tracks with dub step, indie-rock and synth influences. The live show is a must see electrifying experience, combining high energy electro beats with the organic, raw nature of live instruments and superior musicianship.

“…Two guys will move you, that’s right two guys make the sound vibrations that will percolate in your eardrums and move your booty! Hyena is the band you’ve been dreaming about…”
Tim Pyles, FM 94.9 San Diego

Amidst || Listen
Amidst is an up-and-coming band from Los Angeles with a fresh sound that is intended for a diverse crowd. Their first album, “Never Better Than Nothing,” is scheduled for release in the Spring of 2010. The band will be promoting the album with an international tour planned for the US and Mexico. The band members are Jon Marquez (piano and vocals), Michel Denegri (bass), Fernando Torreblanca (drums), Alex Bajos (guitar), and Luis Torreblanca (guitar).
Amidst explodes with energetic bass lines, powerful drums, driving guitar riffs, soaring piano melodies, and inspiring vocals.

W/ Farinhite spinning between sets.

8:30PM/ $5/ 21+.


Sic Alps, TRMRS, and Wounded Lion at Spaceland

at spaceland

sic alps

Sic Alps are a noise pop group from San Francisco consisting of Matt Hartman (formerly of Henry’s Dress), Mike Donovan and Noel Von Harmonson. Sic Alps’ sound could be described as a combination of early nineties lo-fi and Bay Area’s sixties psychedelia. Even though Sic Alps are a fairly new band, they’re already notorious for their exciting and energetic live performances.

Wounded Lion
Wounded Lion is a scrappy pop formation with more layers than one might think. The LA-based quintet artfully blends crunchy guitar chug and caveman thud with buoyant pop melody and deceptively simple lyrics, uncovering wonky pop gems along the way. The songs hint at melancholy but simultaneously offer infectious choruses and exuberant grooves. The resulting sound is fresh, despite celebrating everything from the Velvets to the Clean, with some CCR thrown in for good measure.

“TRMRS utilizes the fact that the group has two guitarists in a really interesting way. Their song, “Hello Self”, perfectly exemplifies this. As opposed there being a lead part and a rhythm part, the guitar parts intertwine in a captivating dialogue that forms the backbone of the song. TRMRS one of the most fun groups I’ve listened to in a while, and I appreciate how straightforward and simple their sound is.”-Stuckonanisland.com


8:30PM/ $10/ 21+.


Light FM, Dante Vs. Zombies, and Future Ghost at Spaceland

at spaceland

light fm

“Born in the clutches of art school angst and bitter Chicago winters, Light FM began as a beacon of hope for song writer Josiah Mazzaschi – a poppy bouquet of cheerful songs with meaningful yet dark lyrics heavy on retro synths and grand orchestration. Quickly gaining a name in the Chicago indie music scene as one of Chicago’s most promising new bands and being compared to The Cars, The Cure, Pink Floyd and Fountains of Wayne, Light FM’s first release “This is the Beginning of my Golden Age” was heralded as “the post-punk antidote to radio’s latest disease” (Time Out), a band that “pushes the bounds of sonic experimentation while at the same time making their songs catchy and accessible.” – Daily Herald

8:30pm/ $7/ 21+.


Head Like a Kite, Alek.Fin, Big Light, and Kill Kill Kill at Spaceland

at spaceland

head like a kite

Breaking down beats seems as natural to HEAD LIKE A KITE’s Dave Einmo as breaking down genre barriers. On Dreams Suspend Night, his third release and debut with Roll Call Records, Einmo wields a trident of musical force to create a “A true genre-twisted party album that appropriately captures the sounds of an eclectic America” – URB

Einmo’s recording approach begins with challenging pop songwriting, followed by his own basic tracking with live instruments. Foundation in place, Einmo transforms into a manic-producer-DJ, chopping, slicing and sampling his own instrumental tracks then peppering the recordings with guests. Dreams Suspend Night features multiple musicians and vocalists including Asya of Smoosh, Tilson of the Saturday Nights, Boom Bip (Neon Neon), Her Space Holiday, and members of The Long Winters and Swervedriver. Their influence injects the record with variable components of hip hop, pop, indie rock, and electronica. Jutting blip-beats dance around meaty analog synths, mischievous guitars, and vocal hooks.

8:30PM/ $8/ 21+.


Low and Charlie Parker at Spaceland

at spaceland


Many bands maintain longevity through versatility — shifting, maturing, or updating their sounds as years and trends pass. Low couldn’t have been more unlikely candidates for a lengthy career when they appeared in 1993, but several years of their single-minded adherence to patience and grace was a welcome reaction to the louder, heavier music dominating the early 90s rock charts and airwaves. It’s understandable if that sound defines the group for its dedicated fans; aside from personal attachment, it recalls a time when mediocre rock radio was all we had to rebel against. – Pitchfork

8:30pm/ $14/ 21+.


Jessica 6, Torches in Trees, and Seasons at the Echo

at the echo

jessica 6

9:00pm/ $8/ 18+.


Blu, Busdriver, Jonwayne, Black Crystal Wolf Kids, Open Mike Eagle, and Intuition at the Echoplex

at the echoplex


Johnson Barnes (born April 15, 1983 in Inglewood, California), better known by the stage name Blu, is an American rapper signed to the independent Sound in Colour. In 2007 he released his debut album, Below the Heavens, which was produced entirely by Exile, one half of Emanon. Since then he has released two official mixtapes, collaborated with Mainframe under the name Johnson&Jonson, and formed the group C.R.A.C. Knuckles with Ta’raach.


Out of the legendary Project Blowed crew, Busdriver has carved a niche in underground hip-hop with unique performance and freestyle skills that combine elements of vocal jazz, theatrics, spoken-word, and machine precision with witty and incisive free association lyrics. A frequent collaborator with many of Los Angeles’ hip-hop elite, Busdriver has worked with Danger Mouse, Boom Bip, DJ Nobody, Aceyalone, Abstract Rude, Mikah-9, 2Mex, Xololanxinxo, Fat Jack, Daddy Kev, and Omid. His earlier work for Celestial and Big Dada, including his debut full-length, Temporary Forever, and his current work on Anti-/Epitaph, have received glowing praise in The Wire, Rolling Stone, Spin, Village Voice, and XLR8R among many others, as well as touring slots with Deerhoof, Islands, Rjd2, El-P, Dizzee Rascal, and more, and slots at festivals from Coachella to Sydney to Rennes’ Transmucales and one-offs in every burg between.

8:3opm/ $10/ 18+.


Lord Huron, Funeral Party, Lesands, and the Belle Brigade at the Echo

at the echo

lord huron

Hailing from Northern Michigan, Ben Schneider returned to his childhood home to create the beautiful sounds featured on Into the Sun. It only took one week for Ben to create the 3-song EP, which includes tracks, “Into the Sun”, “The Problem With Your Daughter”, and “We Went Wild”.

Lord Huron’s music seems to focus on the beauty of all things natural. Through the merging of folk guitar, tribal percussion, and Calypso inspired harmonies, Huron has some outstanding music on his hands. His songs exude beauty that’s tied to no particular place, but perhaps to a memory. With the sounds of the ocean in the background, Huron’s “Mighty” features tropical drum beats and some really colorful vocals

7:30pm/ $8/ 18+.


John Grant and the Chapin Sisters at the Autry

Everyone has a favorite band or singer they reckon is subject to criminal neglect. That John Grant’s effortlessly rich, expansive baritone, couched in typically heartbreaking, lush melody, hasn’t found a wider audience many would consider a crime. But no longer. Because Grant’s first solo album is so undeniably great that the world will surely listen.

It’s a record of gravitas and grace, of FM melody magic laced with raw emotional bleeding. It asks why relationships are roulette and love is hell in a last-ditch attempt at self-improvement and atonement after years of alcohol and cocaine dependency. And on top, to further the album’s brilliance, Grant’s backing band on the album are Bella Union label-mates MIDLAKE, contributing their most empathic ‘70s-style soft-rock know-how. Put simply, “Queen Of Denmark” is the record Grant’s been waiting his whole life to make.

The Chapin Sisters || LISTEN || Watch

The Chapin Sisters shed a half-sister between the appearance of the local outfit’s 2008 debut and the just-issued Two. But even minus Jessica Craven (on
maternal leave), Lily and Abigail Chapin — daughters of children’s-music star Tom Chapin and nieces of “Cat’s in the Cradle” folkie Harry Chapin — weave
a lush fabric of voices in their new songs, many of which seem less concerned with sounding old-timey than did the group’s earlier ones. (The appealingly
spooky “Digging a Hole” actually reminds me of Suzanne Vega’s oddball industrial-folk outing, 99.9F. At least some credit for that should probably go to
co-producer Jesse Lee, of New York’s avant-jam crew Gang Gang Dance.) In addition to playing their own shows, the Chapins have spent time this year as
part of the She & Him live band, a high-profile gig that’s likely tightened their stagecraft. Oh, and make sure to yell out for their cover of Britney Spears’
“Toxic.” – LA WEEKLY

@ The Autry in Griffith Park
4700 Western Heritage Way
Los Angeles, CA 90027


7:00pm/ $17/ all ages


Horse Feathers,Y La Bamba, Hi Ho Silver Oh at the Echo

at the echo

horse feathers

2008′s House With No Name was slightly more sprightly than Horse Feathers’ 2006 debut, the dourly titled Words Are Dead, but there was still an undercurrent of depression, owed both to the droning hum provided by cellist/vocalist Catherine Odell and Ringle’s voice. However, on their third effort, Thistled Spring, there’s a definite change of sonic mood. On previous albums, melodies remained unshaped beyond anything but their own emotional cores, but there’s real movement here, as the many parts that make up the arrangements push and pull with one another instead of simply congealing. Album standout “Belly of June” swoops and dives in a major key, while the thrushing yawns of “The Drought” and the urgency of “Veronia Blues” render a drummer’s presence (something Horse Feathers don’t have) irrelevant.

Clearly, the band has found a new level of confidence. Ringle, in particular, sounds more full-throated, exuding a physicality on “As a Ghost” and “Belly of June” that adds color to his still-bleak subject matter. Speaking of, there’s plenty of talk about ill-fitting nooses, abusive frost, disastrous floods, and whatnot– but it’s Ringle’s descriptions of nature’s temperate splendor that stick with you this time around, as he muses on lark’s looks or faith-stealing heat with equal passion as he does on the futility of living. So ignore the melodrama and enjoy the littler pleasures that are provided on Thistled Spring– and there are quite a few. You can hear them in the space between Ringle’s voice and the band’s interplay, the zithering strings in “Starving Robins”, the build and burst midway through “Belly of June”. Complex, yes, but complexity that’s expressed in a rather straightforward manner, while embracing a newfound sense of bright coherence. Spring’s finally arrived, and hopefully for Horse Feathers, it’ll stick around.
— Pitchfork


Delta Rose, Moondog Orchestra, Santoros, Twin Falcons, and Like Baboons at the Terrace

443 e. colorado blvd


8:00PM/ $5/ all ages


The B-Noirs and Stars at Night at 5 Stars Bar

267 s main street

los angeles

9:30PM/ free/ 21=


Kimbra – Settle Down

I am in LOVE with Kimbra.

Quirky, eclectic, adorable, wonderful songs, great great GREAT video. I just want to put her in my pocket!!!!

Watch her video for “Settle Down” below. Seriously somebody sign her to a label deal for the US so she can get over here already!!!


Buzzov’en, Ancestors, 16, Yidhra, and Destroyed in Seconds at The Sex

816 S Santa Fe

Los Angeles

8:00PM/ $20/ 18+.


Mia Doi Todd, The Long Lost, Slumber Beast, and Teebs at the Hip Kitty Jazz Lounge

502 W. First St.

Claremont, CA.

9:00PM/ $7/ 21+


The Zoo,The Kill Pills, The Sound Collection, and more at 5 Stars Bar

267 S. Main Street

Los Angeles

8:30PM/ $5/ 18+.


Big Whup Video Release Show


Also if you’re out and about tonight check out Big Whup‘s Video release show at Pehrspace  for “B.O.N.I.Z.H.E.A.R.T.”  Sean Carnage has all the details + world premiere of the video right here.

MP3: Big Whup – B O N I Z H E A R T


The Chances, The Stamps, LA Font, and Evil Twins at Silverlake Lounge

at silverlake lounge

the chances

2906 west sunset boulevard

9:00pm/ free/ 21+


Therapies Son – Golden Girl


It’s funny how buzz can build seemingly overnight. You may remember a few weeks back when we wrote about Therapies Son. Therapies Son is the project of former Paper Zoo member Alex Jacob.  Paper Zoo released a  blink-and-you’ll miss-it album on Custard Records and had Alex touring with ROGER DALTRY at the ripe old age of  17.

Alex now makes psychedelic pop from the comforts of his bedroom and that is quickly gaining a lot of recognition from all the seemingly right sources. I can tell you right now – it certainly has my stamp of immense approval.

Therapies Son will play their first show ever tonight at 10pm tonight at  The Echo as part of IAMSOUND’s Month Long Residency. Also perfoming Tonight will be HANDS, Princeton, and  Sea Of Cortez.

We posted his track “Red Red Rose” a few weeks ago. Now you can watch a youtube video with a new track called “Golden Girl” that I just can’t get out of my head right now.



Belle Brigade, Sonos, and Bodega Girls at Bardot

at bardot

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