Chasing Kings and Dante Vs. Zombies at On the Rox

On the Rox (above the roxy)

9009 West Sunset Blvd.

West Hollywood.

Chasing Kings is an indie-pop four-piece hailing from Los Angeles. The band’s self-released debut EP “The Current State Of Our Future” was produced by Tony Berg (Pete Yorn, Aimee Mann, Phantom Planet, Simon Dawes) and its infectious melodies, danceable vintage grooves and unique quirkiness have caught the attention of fans and critics alike. Deli Magazine has named the group one of LA’s top 20 indie bands. Chasing Kings has toured throughout the US in support of the EP including several high-profile shows at SXSW in Austin and is currently continuing to tour as they work on writing and recording new material.


Shriek your greetings to the new kings and queens of The Spaghetti Western Jungle anthem; the hungry dictators of Not-Quite-Gentrified-Ghetto-Pop. Dante Vs Zombies materialized out of thick air in September 2009 and in that thin slice of time have become surreal outlaws of the live “Sing-n-Dance-along”.



Doors: 9pm
Tickets: $5


Seapony – Late Summer

Seapony - Dreaming


Here is another track from the Seattle based lo-fi dream pop project known as Seapony. I seriously have become completely enamored with this group. Then again I’m a sucker for easy going breezy summertime pop – ESPECIALLY in the chilly winter air in LA which seems surreal when you’re still looking at palm trees all day long.

“Late Summer” is off their new 7″ which came out on Double Denim. If you haven’t picked it up yet – TOO BAD. It’s already SOLD OUT. Stream more tracks off the release on the band’s bandcamp page.

MP3: Seapony – Late Summer


Kitten, Blonde Summer, and Red Robot at Sainte Rock

at sainte rock

Saint Rocke

142 Pacific Coast Highway

Hermosa Beach, CA

5:30pm/ $10/ 21+


Million Young, Teen Daze, and The Great Mundane at Spaceland

at spaceland

Forget Vitamin D pills, Mike Diaz (a.k.a. MillionYoung) may cure the winter blues once and for all. The one-man glo-fi band from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida managed to create computerized sunshine in the form of two EPs, Sunndreamm (2009) and Be So True (2010). Influenced by lucid dreaming, the 10th dimension and film scores, Diaz’s laptop tunes are a delicate blend of beach sunset and Miami night club, much more kinetic than his mellow fellow chillwavesters.

MillionYoung sprung from Diaz’s fascination with the fast-growing hypno haze-pop (think Washed Out, Toro Y Moi and Neon Indian) and it’s purpose of creating something “dream-like and ethereal“. Yet, as the daily grind usually forces Diaz to only go out at night, he found himself straying away from the daylight/twilight inspired sound of the genre. Instead, he dove into a warm, late night hypnosis; part trance and part dance.


C-Horse, B-Noirs, and Crystelles at 5 Stars Bar

at 5 stars bar

267 s. main st.

los angeles.

9:30pm/ free/ 21+




at spaceland

8:30PM/ $10/ 21+

Rob Crow is a man of visions. Not the hallucinatory kind, mind you, but to fence his incredible talent into a singular vision is just plain inaccurate. By fusing the jazz-prog of the Residents, the dynamic time signature and tempo shifts of Slint, the pop acrobatics of Sparks and the stellar vocal harmonies of the Beach Boys, he single-handedly invented the music you could call post-pop over two albums in the mid-1990s (and a posthumous comp) with his band Heavy Vegetable, a feat almost no one saw fit to write about at the time and even fewer critics have discovered in retrospect.

He furthered this sound’s progression with two more albums and an EP with his band Thingy, turned novelty-pop on its head with two albums by Optiganally Yours, barreled through hardcore with the Alpha Males and Fantasy Mission Force, genre-hopped from boy-band pop to death metal and back with three solo albums, put his stamp on modern arena rock with Team Sleep, and still has a few more projects up his sleeve (including a posthumous third Thingy album, a new Optiganally Yours album O.Y. in Hi-Fi, a collaboration with Zach Hill of Hella called the Ladies, the thundering Goblin Cock and other projects which have yet to be announced). Most publicly, he and his collaborators have earned a legion of followers with the innovative rhythms and alluring melodies of Pinback.

Some have surmised that Rob Crow has the equivalent of musical A.D.D., but it’s more a case of seeing the world through song and brimming to the gills with inspiration and originality. He is clearly one of the most distinct and innovative musicians of the last 20 years.


Perfume Genius – Dreeem

Perfume Genius


I feel Seattle based musician Mike Hadreas soft spoken haunting ballads under the moniker Perfume Genius were grossly overlooked in 2010. Breathy and deep the intimate tracks provide such a surreal and calming atmosphere for the listener.

The tracks below “Dreeem” is just gorgeous. You can pick up his album “Learning” now via Matador.

MP3: Perfume Genius – Dreeem

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Find more Perfume Genius tracks on Hype Machine.


Kitten, Saint Cortez, and Red Cortez at the Echo

at the echo


Free/ 21+


The Delta Mirror, GANGI, Tape Deck Mountain and Morgan Kibby of M83 at Bootleg Theater

at bootleg theater

Doors 8:00 // Music 9:00
Tape Deck Mountain :: http://www.myspace.com/tapedeckmountain

White Sea :: http://www.myspace.com/whiteseamusic

GANGI :: http://www.facebook.com/gangimusic

Delta Mirror :: http://www.myspace.com/thedeltamirror


The Chances, Summer Twins, Kissing Cousins, and Strelka at Silverlake Lounge

2906 w. sunset blvd.

free/ 21+



Black Jesus, The Shivers, and Black Flamingo at Three Clubs

December 8, 2010

Los Angeles Loves… A Black Christmas


Three Clubs
1123 N. Vine
Los Angeles, CA 90038
21+ / FREE / 9PM




at The Echo


Brooklyn’s Amanda Warner makes dynamic electro-pop under the moniker MNDR, and she’s been building buzz with her project while also working with folks like Mark Ronson. “I Go Away”, a major highlight from the her debut EP, E.P.E., is filled with distinctive synths that melt all over a spare, echoing drum beat like a candy house left out in the hot sun. It’s a serious slow-dance pop confection, but Warner keeps a clear head lyrically. “I Go Away” initially sounds like a post-relationship-fallout slow burner, as she asks, “How did I get here/ Without feeling anything”. Soon, though, you realize that she isn’t calming down– she’s getting pumped up. “This is my anthem/ I know it like I know everything”, Warner softly declares, as if she’s getting ready to step out in front of the curtain, before letting out titular squeaks during a chorus that favorably evokes Santigold as the track builds to its cathartic peak. – Pitchfork


Bleeding over the lines of performance art and proto industrial dark wave while sounding totally fresh, unique, and mysterious, Tearist are in a world of their own creation. Its not goth, its not industrial, its just (white) magic. Probably my favorite band out right now. What up Los Angeles!

Bodega Girls

The human id – illustrated in flesh and guitar strings. Hourglass figures and experienced fingers prance and wriggle their way across the stage, screen and into your psyche. An orgy of sleaze, desire, and rock and roll music – brought to life in bouncy, jiggly technicolor.

plus resident DJs spinning the best in Brit / Indie / Soul / Twee / Madchester / Punk / Glam




at The Echo

Hanni grew up in San Franscisco, California. The son of Palestinian and Filipino immigrants and the first American in his family, he became obsessed with classic Americana and pop culture of the 1950s and 60s. Influenced by pioneers of early rock and r&b (Johnny Burnette, Sam Cooke, Johnny Cash), El Khatib created a musical aesthetic to match his vision. The multi-instrumentalist serves as singer, songwriter & producer for his one-man band (live he is joined by a drummer) that is part blues, part garage rock, part soul, part folk & part doo whop.

As the creative director for HUF and lifelong skater, El Khatib professes to a love for well-crafted objects: classsic cars, cans pomade and stiletto switchblades. This craftsmanship carries over into his music, where El Khatib is inspired and informed by the specificity of a guitar tone or the fuzziness of an amp sound . His background in DIY and skate culture manifests as a desire to “keep mistakes in” and make things “as raw as possible.” Merging primitive rock sounds with punk aesthetics, El Khatib toes lines between all genres and ends up firmly in his own.


Bowery Beasts, Big Search, Sweaters, Whispering Pines at Spaceland

at spaceland


Join us THIS MONDAY for our first evening of winning. Incredible guests, your SWEATERS hold court! ‘Can’t Stop Winning’ single and book available!


9:00 – Bowery Beasts (www.myspace.com/bowerybeasts)
10:00 – Big Search (www.myspace.com/bigsearch)
11:00 – SWEATERS (www.myspace.com/sweatersmusic)
12:00 – Whispering Pines (www.myspace.com/whisperingpinesmusic)

LA RECORD Deejays!



Ozomatli, Chali 2na (of Jurassic 5) and La Santa Cecilia at Club Nokia

at club nokia

In their fourteen years together as a band, celebrated Los Angeles culture-mashers Ozomatli have gone from being hometown heroes to being named U.S. State Department Cultural Ambassadors.

Ozomatli has always juggled two key identities. They are the voice of their city and they are citizens of the world.

Their music  – a notorious urban-Latino-and-beyond collision of hip hop and salsa, dancehall and cumbia, samba and funk, merengue and comparsa, East LA R&B and New
Orleans second line, Jamaican ragga and Indian raga  – has long followed a key mantra: it will take you around the world by taking you around L.A.

This has never been truer for Ozo than it is in 2009. More than ever before, the band is both of the world and of L.A.

Originally formed to play at an area labor protest over a decade ago, Ozomatli spent some of their early days participating in everything from earthquake prep “hip hop ghetto plays” at inner-city L.A. elementary schools to community activist events, protests, and city fundraisers. Ever since, they have been synonymous with their city: their music has been taken up by The Los Angeles Dodgers and The Los Angeles Clippers, they recorded the street-view travelogue “City of Angels” in 2007 as a new urban anthem, and most recently, they were featured as part of the prominent L.A. figures imaging campaign “We Are 4 L.A.” on NBC.

“This band could not have happened anywhere else but L.A.,” saxophonist and clarinetist Ulises Bella has said. “Man, the tension of it, the multiculturalism of it. L.A. is like, we’re bonded by bridges.”

Ozo is also a product of the city’s grassroots political scene. Proudly born as a multi-racial crew in post-uprising 90s Los Angeles, the band has built a formidable reputation over four full-length studio albums and a relentless touring schedule for taking party  rocking so seriously that it becomes new school musical activism.

“Just being who we are and just doing what we’re doing with music at this time is very political,” says bassist Wil-Dog Abers. “The youth see us up there and recognize
themselves. So in a playful, party-type of way, I think it’s real easy for this band to get dangerous. We are starting to realize just how big of a voice we actually have as a band and how important it is for us to use it.”

In 2007, the reach and power of that voice went to new global heights. The band had long been a favorite of international audiences – playing everywhere from Japan to North Africa and Australia – and their music had always been internationalist in its scope, seamlessly blending and transforming traditions from Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Middle East (what other band could record a song once described as “Arabic jarocho dancehall”?), but last year, they entered the global arena in a different way.

They were invited by the U.S. State Department to serve as official Cultural Ambassadors on a series of government-sponsored international tours to Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle East, tours that linked Ozomatli to a tradition of cultural diplomacy that also includes the esteemed likes of Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, and Louis Armstrong.

For those who wondered how a band known for its vigilant anti-war stance could become a partner with the very Bush administration they have so vocally critiqued in the past, the band was clear about their position: it was all about responding to a global “cry for change” by using music to promote messages of peace and understanding.

As Bella told The Los Angeles Times during the band’s visit to an orphanage in Cairo, “Our world standing has deteriorated. I’m totally willing and wanting to give a different image of America than America has given over the last five years.”

In places like Tunisia, India, Jordan, and Nepal, Ozo didn’t just play rousing free public concerts, but offered musical workshops and master classes and visited arts centers,
summer camps, youth rehabilitation centers, and even a Palestinian refugee camp. They listened to performances by local musicians and often joined in for impromptu jam sessions with student bands and community musicians. Most shows ended up with kids dancing on stage and their new collaborators sitting in for a tabla solo or a run on the slide guitar.

In the case of Nepal, the band’s trip was part of a celebration of the country’s newly ratified peace accord and they arrived with a direct message: “different instruments but one rhythm, together we can make a prosperous Nepal.” Their concert, which drew over 14,000 people, was a historic one – Ozo were the first Western band to do a concert in Nepal and the event was the country’s first peaceful mass gathering that was not a protest or religious ceremony.

For the U.S Embassy in Nepal, Ozomatli were a model of how diversity promotes change. According to an official embassy release, “Ozomatli is living proof that diverse backgrounds make a stronger and more prosperous whole. Ozomatli’s nine members are committed to addressing social issues of local, national and international importance and they use the power of their own diversity to achieve this.”

Suddenly the lessons of L.A. had found their way into the world at large.

“I’ve always felt that music is the key to every culture, the beginning of an understanding,” says vocalist and trumpet player Asdru Sierra. “It’s a language far more universal than politics.”

More Info AboutOzomatli


The Dan Band at Club Nokia

at the club nokia

Dan Finnerty grew up in the small town of Bath, NY, where, as a casualty of the parachute pants era, he constantly avoided getting his ass kicked by the farmers for not wearing work boots and Lee jeans. Dan escaped the lovely countryside, and moved to Boston, where he attended Emerson College. After four years of showering with an empty keg in the tub, Finnerty graduated and was cast as Woof in the European Tour of “HAIR,” directed by it’s author, James Rado. He spent a year traveling through Europe on a bus full of hippies, then left to pursue his dreams of being a waiter at a 50′s diner in New York City. In between shifts, he landed some off-Broadway shows, and some very impressive atmosphere work on ‘Guiding Light,’ and reluctantly left the food service industry when he was cast in “STOMP.” He went back out on the road again, banging garbage all across the country, finally settling down in Los Angeles. He’s been on a bunch of TV shows and in some films, and has been quite fascinating in all of them.

More Info AboutThe Dan Band


Peaches Christ Superstar featuring Chilly Gonzales at the Orpheum Theater

at the orpheum theater

September 28th, 2010 — New York, New York — Peaches has confirmed the anticipated North American tour of her critically acclaimed production of Peaches Christ Superstar.  The tour will begin in Boston, MA on December 10th and will visit New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Toronto (Dates Below).  Peaches’ performance of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Sir Tim Rice’s musical, Jesus Christ Superstar made its worldwide debut in March in Berlin and Hamburg.  Peaches will sing all roles including Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and the disciples.  As a continuation of her original sold out runs, she will be accompanied musically by piano virtuoso and rap entertainer, Chilly Gonzales.  ARTFORUM stated in their review, “Not only did Peaches set it off, she managed to surprise us all by showing off an expansive vocal range, a musician’s natural sensitivity to the dynamics of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s score, and an emotive prowess that is rarely if ever displayed in her own, less holy, music.”

The European debut of Peaches Christ Superstar was not without controversy.  A month before the scheduled premiere, the German rights holders denied permission to Peaches due to her “unconventional production.” Peaches posted a message, via Twitter, apologizing to her fans about the cancellation, concluding with “Peaches Christ Superstar Crucified Before Opening Night.”  The cancellation was widely covered by major media, resulting in permission ultimately being granted.  The performances were an overwhelming success. Sir Tim Rice traveled to Berlin to attend the production and visited Peaches backstage offering his praise and approval.

Peaches stated “To perform Jesus Christ Superstar as a one-woman-song is an ambitious enterprise.  It is very demanding and very difficult.  When I was sixteen I often sang the whole musical to myself all alone in my room.  It tells an entire story without spoken text, only with vocals, in the style of a rock opera.  I’m a performer, my concerts are extravagant and play with exaggerations.  This project allows me to do without all this.  I wanted to confront this task totally exposed, because it is a possibility.  It’s a question of stamina.”  Peaches added, “Performing Peaches Christ Superstar is the most intense and powerful stage experience I have ever had.”

More Info AboutPeaches Christ Superstar


Donald Glover + Childish Gambino at the El Rey

at the el rey

Donald Glover is best known for his work on the NBC show Community alongside Joel McHale and Chevy Chase. Glover has also been a writer for the NBC series 30 Rock and is part of the comedy sketch group Derrick Comedy.

Donald also makes music under the moniker ‘mcDJ.’ His music is of the electronic/remix variety and is often made available for free download via his official site. His current album releases include Love Letter From An Unbreakable Bottle, Utterances of the Heart. Glover also goes by many other aliases such as Childish Gambino, Bambino X, Sir Durton Cloud 9, and Ms. Long-Lady Stanhope.

He released the album entitled “Sick Boi” on June 5, 2008 under the name ‘Childish Gambino’, in which he thanks himself. On September 17, 2009, ‘Childish Gambino’ released the album “Poindexter”.


People Under the Stairs and DJ Day at the El Rey

at the el rey

Los Angeles based People Under The Stairs, Double K (Michael Turner) and Thes One (Christopher Portugal) are the most successful fully independent hip hop duo in the history of Hip-Hop. Since their initial full length release in 1998, People Under The Stairs have performed more than a thousand sold out shows, festivals and world tours spanning 6 continents and 40 countries. With a strong DIY ethic, “The P”, as they are referred to by their fans, have self managed, produced and engineered 7 full-length albums and countless singles and side projects.  The musical sensibility punctuating their unique brand of hip-hop has not only earned them the title “The Steely Dan of Rap Music” but consistent critical acclaim and numerous appearances on the Billboard Charts. Their illustrious career includes an appearance on The Simpson’s 20th Anniversary Special, a John Peele Session at Abbey Road, and groundbreaking performances at key festivals such as Glastonbury, Coachella and Bonaroo, the last of which was noted by SPIN magazine as “Simply the best performance of Friday… Period”. As part of their 10 year Anniversary World Tour in 2009, People Under The Stairs travelled to new continents with sold out shows in China, Brazil and South Africa and continue to tour through 2010 as they work on their 8th Studio album. As they declared at the closing of their main stage set at the Outside Lands Festival, “We’re the P, the ethnic Beastie Boys” and we aren’t done. We’re gonna’ keep bringing this party, this party rockin’ hip-hop to you when you need it. We’ll be there.”

More Info AboutPeople Under the Stairs w/ DJ Day


Kina Grannis and Imaginary Friend at the El Rey

at the el rey

Kina started playing shows at the age of four in front of her stuffed animals. Now she plays in front of people, though it wasn’t the quickest transition for the admittedly shy songstress. While attending college at USC, Kina often retreated to the secluded stairwells around campus where she could write and sing without being heard. Protected by their quiet confines, she found a safe haven and a creative outlet for her music. Armed with a guitar and a cup of tea, Kina wrote in every stairwell she came across. And it was within these stairwells that she developed her confidence as a songwriter and her poise as a performer.

In 2007, Kina joined YouTube, made a music video and entered herself into a contest. A few months later, her video for “Message From Your Heart” aired during the Superbowl and its 97 million viewers (or 194 million eyeballs, depending on how you’re keeping track) and she walked away with a record deal. Since then, Kina has regularly posted her songs on YouTube, amassing many millions of views, and toured throughout North America. Her songs have been heard on television shows such as ABC’s General Hospital and MTV’s College Life.

Kina independently released her first full-length album, Stairwells, on February 23, 2010. Her music is both sweet and melancholy, but always filled with hope. She’d want you to know that she saves drowning honeybees from pools whenever she gets the chance.

More Info AboutKina Grannis W/ Imaginary Friend

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