Tonight in LA: The Airborne Toxic Event, Henry Clays, Launch Of HEART

Tonight there are two great shows in LA that will be sure to leave you divided.

The Airborne Toxic Event
will be playing at The Henry Fonda Theatre with openers The Henry Clay People and Rademacher. The band kick off a 6 week tour this week! Click here for dates.


At the Echo Happy Hollows and The Movies alongside a stellar lineup will help celebrate the launch of HEART. Set times can be found below! The show is free before 8pm and $6 after

12am Avi Buffalo
11pm The Happy Hollows
10pm The Movies
9pm Crooked Cowboy & The Freshwater Indians
8:25pm Anni Rossi
7:50pm Jillian Hank Leigh
7:20pm Whitman

RIP Macbook Hard Drive

On the average day I wake up around 8 am, get ready, and switch on my computer to start mapping out the day. Well this morning My macbook decided it was done waking up. All I got was the sad folder with a blinking question mark.

Just a few days earlier my external hard drive decided it didn’t want to mount to my computer anymore and now I’m in a state of technology hell.

I took my macbook in to the Apple store where they tried every trick in the book to access the hard drive to no avail. They finally replaced my hard drive, upgraded me to Leopard and gave me the old one to try and salvage the data that remained on it.

The good news is I backed up all my files to an external drive. The bad news: That drive doesn’t seem to want to work either. All of my applications are also toast.

If any of you out there know a whiz kid data recovery specialist who would want to help out a lolely blogger out of the goodness of their heart please e-mail me at jax@rockinsider.com The original estimate I got was anywhere from $600-$1200 dollars and I just don’t have that kind of money. HELP!


Huge Local Update. Local Natives, Happy Hollows, Clays, Rademacher, Red Heads, Hell Ya!

I have been out of the local loop for the past fortnight laid up with the flu. Just because I’ve been incommunicato doesn’t mean I don’t keep up with what’s going on.

Ladies and gentlemen – the ROCK INSIDER KNOWS ALL AND SEES ALL.

A brief little catchup on what’s going around the LA Scene right now.

Local Natives are doing a residency at Silverlake Lounge all month long. I have known these boys for years back when they were still called Cavil At Rest and I was booking them on shows at The Key Club. The band recorded their forthcoming full length with Mr. Raymond Richards at Red Rockets Glare and have been chronicling their weekly shows over at Web In Front. If you have the opportunity to catch them this month you absolutely should. This band is LOOOONG overdue to blow the fuck up.

On to local heroes – Happy Hollows. The band are gracing the cover of this month’s LA Record and will be taking the stage at the Echo this Thursday in support of the launch of their label and management HEART. The Movies and Anni Rossi will also perform.

The Henry Clay People and Rademacher will be opening for the Airborne Toxic Event on their 6 week U.S. Tour. A lot of the dates are already sold out. The tour kicks off in San Diego tomorrow night and will hit the Henry Fonda this Thursday. Classical Geek Theatre and Web In Front have interviews with Rademacher and The Henry Clay People will be doing a tour diary for Buzz Bands on their adventure around the country.

Avi Buffalo shocked and amazed everyone who attended their show at Pehrspace on Saturday with Fol Chen and Karin Tatoyan. It was also Fol Chen‘s release show for their new album Part I: John Shade, Your Fortune’s Made out now on Asthmatic Kitty. It was my first show out since getting sick and I spent the entire night outside listening in because it was SOO PACKED you couldn’t breathe. Not good for someone with an irrational fear of being trampled. Avi Buffalo have new tunes up on their myspace page and will be playing at The Echo later this month with Holloys and Underground Railroad To Candyland.

TONIGHT there is a last minute free show at The Echo TONIGHT with one Helluva lineup – Light FM, The French Semester, The Spires, and a special midnight set by The Parson Red Heads. Psssst! The Redheads will also be releasing a new 7″ on this spring!

ALSO TONIGHT: Hell Ya! At The Viper Room with Dukes of Daville. My friend Heather signed this duo to Capitol Records. It can only be described as “Hip-Pop” with insanely catchy tunes that are sure to be guilty pleasures.

and finally…EVERYONE AND THERE DOG GET YOUR ASS ON TWITTER. LA-Underground has an amazing comprehensive list of all the LA Bands, Blogs, Labels, Promoters, News and Culture spots using twitter. You seriously can’t be in the know without it.

PS. Add Rock Insider and JAXART on Twitter :)


M.I.A Performance At The Grammys

(UPI Photo/ Phil McCarten)

To all those musicians who claim they are extremely dedicated to their craft I have but one thing to say to you….

Let’s see you perform at the Grammys on your frickin’ due date.

M.I.A. Mad props girl. Video below.


LUX INTERIOR – 1946-2009

Erick Purkhiser aka LUX INTERIOR The legendary front man of one of my favorite bands of all time The Cramps died Wednesday at Glendale Memorial Hospital of a pre-existing heart condition. Between losing Odetta in December and Lux my world has been shattered. It seems like all my musical influences are dropping like flies. If that’s the case Neil Young PLEASE take care of yourself.

Lux is survived by his partner and founding Cramp’s guitarist Kristy Wallace aka Poison Ivy. The pair met in 1972 and soon after created The Cramps. They had been together for over 37 years.

I never got the opportunity to see The Cramps live. The band inspired and influenced bands like The Raveonettes, The White Stripes, My Bloody Valentine, and The Horrors. Enjoy these amazing videos and interview below. There will never be another quite like Lux.

The Cramps Being Interviewed By Ratzo The Puppet

The Cramps – Live At The Napa State Mental Hospital 1978

The Cramps – I Was A Teenage Werewolf – LIVE


Ticketmaster and Live Nation Merger?

When I first was sent this link I thought it was an absolute joke, but something tells me the peeps at The Wall Street Journal don’t dick around with news like this. Right now this is nothing more than a rumor. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few weeks……

From The Wall Street Journal:

Ticketmaster Entertainment Inc. and Live Nation Inc. are close to a merger, people familiar with the matter said, in a deal that would consolidate two of the most powerful forces in the music industry under one roof.

The combined company would be called Live Nation Ticketmaster, and would merge the world’s biggest concert promoter with the world’s dominant ticketing and artist-management company. The resulting firm would be able to manage everything from recorded music to ticket sales and tour sponsorship. It could package artists in new ways, for example, allowing corporations such as a cellphone provider to sponsor a concert tour and to sell an exclusive download of a song.



Rock Insider Guest Blogger At "The Rumble" This Thursday

Have you been to “The Rumble” yet? If you haven’t you’re missing out – BIG TIME.

The night takes place the first Thursday of every month over at the 3 of Clubs in Hollywood, CA and has been making a name for itself not just as one of the best places to see underground music but also as a place to be seen. It’s not unusual to see your typical industry type mingling with fans, friends, wanton hipsters, and the occasional curious pedestrian off the street.

This Thursday February 5th, 2009 The Rumble continues with The Voyeurs opening for Jukebox The Ghost and the wild and crazy clan known as The Ringers. The night will also regulars feature guest bloggers and this month – It’s yours truly!

OK OK I will admit that we have an vested interest in seeing The Voyeurs rock the house down for the umpteenth time but the real reason Rock Insider is lending its name to the show is because this lineup as a whole is just so stellar! Jukebox The Ghost are coming all the way out from D.C. for the show! Listen to “Hold It In” on their myspace page and tell me that song is not catchy as all get out. I not-so-secretly-love Queen and this song certainly fills a void.

The show is FREE! with RSVP and $5 without.

If rad music and the opportunity to “network” weren’t reason enough to come to this show you might be enticed by the fact they will be giving away a Vestalife “Ladybug” Ipod Docking Stations to random attendees. Um yeah, these things are fucking adorable:

Vestalife "Ladybug" Ipod Dock




Thursday Feb. 5th, 2009
performances from:

Jukebox The Ghost

The Ringers

The Voyeurs


Special Guest Blogger: Rock Insider

Presented By: The Owl Mag, Future Sounds, Stranded In Stereo, Sonic Living

It’s all FREE if you RSVP at Sonicliving:
If you don’t, it’s $5

FREE VESTALIFE “Ladybug” iPod docking stations to select party goers

PS. Don’t forget The Voyeurs‘ debut LP “Well Known Drag” is out now digitally via JAXART! Pick it up today on iTUNES or Emusic!


The Day The Music Died – 50 Years Ago Today.

Buddy Holly

Today is the 50th anniversary of the tragic plane crash that took the lives of Ritchie Valens, JP “The Big Bopper” Richardson, and the legendary Buddy Holly. You can read all about the 50th anniversary right here.

To celebrate the memory of one of their favorite idols The Monolators have covered “Everyday” by Buddy Holly and have posted it for free download on their blog.

[MP3] The Monolators – Everyday (Buddy Holly Cover)

From Eli Monolator’s Blog:

If you somehow haven’t noticed, today is the 50th anniversary of Buddy Holly’s death, along with Richie Valens and the Big Bopper. Buddy is obviously one of my biggest idols–I’ve always chased his style to various degrees of slavishness right from the beginning of the Monolators, we’ve covered “Rave On” in the past, and I’ve had a vague (and probably not to be pursued anytime soon) idea of covering “Well All Right” in the style of “I’m In Love With A German Film Star” by the Passions–that would be pretty good, right?

Instead we chose to mark this somewhat morbid occasion with a stab at “Everyday.” Jillinda Palmer is on keyboards/synths and Ray from Maxwell Demon is on lead guitar. The clattering bits are drumsticks on our garage door, recorded and looped thru one of those little Casio synths that let you sample & play back yourself burping up and down the keyboard.

This video is hilarious – especially when the woman tells everyone to “Keep an open mind.”


Late Of The PIer – Focker

Late Of The Pier (Nottingham, UK)

I have been pretty allergic to any form of Electro-Blipster-Bloghouse-whatever the hell you want to call it for the past few years but DAMN “Focker” by Late Of The Pier is really bleeding brilliant.

There is a definite MUSE quality to this track with undertones of The Faint. Their album Fantasy Black Channel technically came out last year but I’ve been enjoying it for most of January.

The band will be playing Coachella this year. Be sure to stop by their set because you WON’T want to miss it.

Pick up Fantasy Black Channel on iTUNES and download “Focker” below!

[MP3] Late Of The Pier – Focker



Bonnaroo Lineup Leaked + Coachella Tickets On Sale Now

Coachella aftermath Photo by ivankay

Hey everyone,

Sorry it’s been a few days since you last heard from me. I have been under the weather and moving slower than normal.

Most of you are still reeling from lineup announcements for Bonnaroo and Coachella. Coachella tickets went on sale this weekend and with their layaway program (pay half now, half later) you better snap up your tickets FAST! I have a complete and total aversion of festivals but seeing Morrissey, Paul McCartney, and the godfather Leonard Cohen all in the same night is kind of a dream come true for me.

I have photos from The Voyeurs and Go West Young Man‘s release shows that need to be put up and severe apologies to Pizza! and 60 Watt Kid who hosted a benefit show at Echo Curio last night for a friend in financial need.

Pizza! have a new track available called “Rims Patrone” for free download. Head over to their website to check it out.


Well There You Have It – Coachella Lineup Announced

The official lineup for Coachella has been announced – and guess what – it actually looks like this year’s gunna be good. you can find out about the full list of performers right here.

Most notable: HOLY FUCK. Morrissey, Leonard Cohen, and Paul McCartney in the same day along with The Cure and My Bloody Valentine on day three. I’m also insanely stoked to see X on the bill.

Congrats to locals acts No Age, Silversun Pickups, Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, The Newno2, and The Airborne Toxic Event among others who all made the cut and will be performing as part of the festival.


The Voyeurs + Go West Young Man Give Birth To New Albums!

The Voyeurs (Highland Park, CA)

[MP3] The Voyeurs – Things People Say

It’s a season of change and last night the Echo was full of it. The Voyeurs and Go West Young Man both gave birth to new albums and cemented their status as two bands to watch in the burgeoning east side music scene. The show drew a large crowd who came early for energetic fervor of Les Blanks and stayed well after midnight for the twinkling indie rock of Go West Young Man.

It was also a bittersweet night as Tom Bogdon – guitarist for The Monolators played his last show with the band. I gave him a lot of shit on stage but in all honesty I’m REALLY going to miss playing with him. Don’t worry he’s not going anywhere. You can still see him performing with Shirley Rolls all around LA.

Be sure to pick up The Voyeurs new album “Well Known Drag” on iTUNES via JAXART Records or on 12″ Vinyl and digital download card courtesy of the band’s own Otik Records. Go West Young Man‘s record which is out now on One Cell Records.

I’m going to be out of commission next week and will try and program the site with plenty of content so you don’t think I’ve disappeared off the face of the planet. If anyone feels like taking a stab a guest blogging shoot me an e-mail!


It Was Bound To Happen This Season

I’m down for the count with the flu. Regular blogging will resume hopefully tomorrow.


Animal Collective Is Canceled Tonight

Due to illness the Animal Collectove show at The Henry Fonda scheduled for TONIGHT has been canceled. They are trying to reschedule the show for Sunday or Monday.

Now that your plans just got blown WIDE OPEN – come by Spaceland to see Dynamite Walls, The Test Dream, and RUMI.

Say “Hell Ya!” at The Door before 10pm and get in for free.


TONIGHT Hell Ya! Presents returns with Dynamite Walls, The Test Dream & Rumi!!!

If you are one of the first 20 people to say HELL YA! at the door tomorrow night before 10pm, you get in for FREEEEEEEEEE yayyyyy!


Hell Ya! Presents
Hell Ya Deejays spinning between sets!

$8 | $5 w/RSVP**** 21 yrs + | Doors at 9pm
1717 N Silverlake Blvd

******PASSWORD! First 20 people to say “HELL YA!” before 10pm will get in for free!******
***RSVP TO: hellyanight@gmail.com***

Also, look out for an amazing Hell Yeaayer! during Grammy week, yeeeaya!


The Soft Pack Sign To Kemado

The Soft Pack (Los Angeles, CA )

[MP3] The Soft Pack – Parasites

Much to the chagrin of many astute indie leaning A&R professionals – the Los Angeles by way of San Diego transplants The Soft Pack – formerly known as The Muslims; have inked a record deal with Kemado Records.

The band will be doing a Thursday residency at The Echo beginning next week through February before blasting off to England for assured NME success.

Congratulations gents!

You can also catch them tomorrow at The Henry Fonda Theater opening for The Raveonettes.


Crystal Antlers’ debut full-length Tentacles due out 4/07/09

Crystal Antlers – Tentacles out 4/7/09 on Touch and Go

Right about now the fine gentlemen of Crystal Antlers are hovering at about 45,000 feet on their way to Europe to begin a massive dose of touring f0llowed by more incessant touring and then the release of their full length debut Tentacles – which comes out on April 7th, 2009 on Touch and Go. The album was recorded and mixed on 2” tape at San Francisco’s Closer Studios in the span of a week!

The band revealed the album’s artwork and track listing on their myspace page today. No music yet but those who went to their show at The Smell on Tuesday with Ancestors got a small taste of what’s in store.

The band will be performing at SXSW and will then head back to the west coast for a string of dates with fellow Long Beach natives Cold War Kids.

Thirteen tentacles:

1- Painless Sleep
2- Dust
3- Time Erased
4- Andrew
5- Vapor Trail
6- Tentacles
7- Until the Sun Dies (Part One)
8- Memorized
9- Glacier
10- Foot of the Mountain
11- Your Spears
12- Swollen Sky
13- Several Tongues


01-26 London, England – Luminaire
01-27 London, England – Borderline
01-28 London, England – The Lexington
01-30 Glasgow, Scotland – Nice N’ Sleazy
01-31 Belfast, Northern Ireland – Pavilion
02-01 Galway, Ireland – Róisín Dubh
02-02 Dublin, Ireland – Whelan’s Upstairs
02-03 Cork, Ireland – Quad
02-05 London, England – Bloomsbury Bowling Alley
02-06 Diksmuide, Belgium – 4AD
02-07 Hasselt, Belgium – Muziek-O-Droom
02-09 Munich, Germany – 59:01
02-10 Duisburg, Germany – Steinbruch
02-11 Hamburg, Germany – Hafenklang
02-12 Copenhagen, Denmark – Loppen
02-13 Stockholm, Sweden – Debaser
02-14 Malmö, Sweden – Debaser
02-15 Aarhus, Denmark – Voxhall
02-16 Berlin, Germany – Magnet
02-17 Cologne, Germany – La Laiterie Club
02-19 Lille, France – L’Aeronef
02-20 Paris, France – La Flèche d’Or
02-26 Bologna, Italy – Locomotiv
02-27 Verona, Italy – Club Interzona
02-28 Florence, Italy – Flog
03-01 Vienna, Austria – Arena
03-02 Lausanne, Switzerland – Le Romandie
03-04 Brussels, Belgium – Botanique
03-05 Groningen, Netherlands – Vera
03-06 Amsterdam, Netherlands – Paradiso
03-07 Utrecht, Netherlands – Ekko
03-08 Rotterdam, Netherlands – Rotown
03-10 London, England – White Heat
03-11 Sheffield, England – Harley
03-12 Manchester, England – Retro Bar
03-26 San Diego, CA – 4th and B Theatre *
03-27 Los Angeles, CA – Orpheum Theatre *
04-21 Vancouver, British Columbia – Commodore Ballroom *
04-22 Seattle, WA – Showbox at the Market *
04-23 Portland, OR – Doug Fir Lounge *
04-28 San Francisco, CA – Fillmore *
05-29 Barcelona, Spain – Primavera Sound Festival (Pitchfork stage)
08-13 Oslo, Norway – Oya Festival

* w/ Cold War Kids


Around The Blogs: Academy Award Nominees Announced

The Nominees for the Academy Awards have been announced. Good to see Heath Ledger receive a nod as well as honors for Slumdog Millionaire. Head over to LAist for all the details [VIEW POST]

Rademacher announced more tour dates with The Airborne Toxic Event as well as the details for their new full length RIP Gardenside which compiled their past 4 EPs into one full length. Head over to Classical Geek Theatre for album details and tour dates [VIEW POST]

I Guess I’m Floating has a new Sufjan Stevens track entitled “You Are The Blood”. Go download now [VIEW POST]


This Saturday In Long Beach: Henry Clays Play + The Voyeurs shoot a video!

The Henry Clay People, Eleni Mandell (with a FULL BAND I might add), and Micah Panzich of Paperplanes all on the same bill? Holy CRAP you better believe I’m so there. LA Record are presenting a tremendous lineup this weekend at my home away from home – The Prospector in Long Beach. Get all the details and free MP3s right here.

This Saturday night I propose a caravan of sorts down from LA. If this show wasn’t reason enough alone to go maybe this will sweeten the pot:

The Voyeurs will be shooting a video for “Things People Say” Saturday night (technically Sunday morning) AFTER the show at The Prospector down in Long Beach.

[MP3] The Voyeurs – Things People Say

It will be a 50′s themed video and will be a LOT of fun for those who want to participate. The video shoot will go from 12:30am til whenever at Clancy’s in Long Beach. All the details can be found below – just remember YOU MUST dress up and You MUST arrive by 12:30am (It’s call time people!)

Don’t forget The Voyeurs debut LP comes out next Tuesday Jan 27th on 12″ vinyl via Otik Records and digitally worldwide via JAXART Records. LP Release show will be at The Echo that same night with performances from The Monolators, Les Banks, and Go West Young Man. The show is FREE!!!


Clothing Slide Show
Bar Address
Clancy’s Irish Pub & Restaurant
803 E. Broadway
Long Beach, Ca 90802
Call Time (Arrival Time)
12:30 am this Saturday Night (1/24/09) (technically Sunday morning, 1/25/09)
More Clothing Guide Lines

Cinched waists, belts, tucked in shirts/blouses.
Circle skirts, pencil skirts, typically knee length
Cropped pants, thin cigarette pants, leggings,
fitted shorts.
Turtlenecks, cardigans, button-up sweaters.
¾ length sleeve shirts, t-shirts, blouses, scoop
Neckerchiefs, headbands.
Elongated sweaters, nautical stripes.

Denim jeans, cuffed jeans, tighter pants.
Polo shirts, t-shirts.
Long-sleeve button up shirts rolled up, Short-sleeve button ups.
Shirts tucked in, pants with belts.
Converse type sneakers, wing-tips.


Ticket Giveaway: High Places at The Echo Thursday!

High Places (Brooklyn, NY)

I know times are tough. We have a new president but that doesn’t mean economic woes are a thing of the past. It is for this reason alone that Rock Insider continues its quest to bring entertainment to those of us who are feeling the pocket pinch.

Just for you loyal readers I have a pair of tickets to giveaway to see Pitchfork Darlings High Places Hecuba, and Infinite Body at The Echo TOMORROW Jan 22nd.

TO ENTER: send me your FULL NAME and email address to jax@rockinsider.com. One winner will be chosen at random and will recieve a pair of tickets to tomorrow night’s show!!

[MP3] High Places – From Stardust To Sentience


New Music From Jenn Grant – Echoes

Jenn Grant (Halifax, NS)

Words cannot describe how much I love love love love LOVVVVVE Jenn Grant‘s debut LP Orchestra For The Moon. You may remember we touted the Eastern Canadian songstress’ greatness way back in August of 2007.
Jenn Grant is the best thing to come from the Maritime provinces in a very long time.

The buzz is still relatively tame on Jenn Grant. I feel because she hasn’t had the opportunities to tour the states the same way Feist has. Jenn will be coming to Los Angeles Feb 5th as one of three artists handpicked by CIRPA for a Grammy showcase and will be in Austin,TX in March for SXSW. I will be front row center for her showcase.

Jenn will follow Orchestra for The Moon this year with an amazing sophomore LP entitled Echoes. Echoes takes off where OFTM left off with a fuller sound, AMAZING songs, and oh my god THAT voice. It’s like fine china, kid’s furniture, and puppies all rolled into one sublime tone.

You may think my comparison is wacky but it will become apparent on the track “Heartbreaker” – which will easily be on every mixtape I send out this year. Download the track plus another track off Echo called “Blue Mountains” below!

Jenn will be heading out on tour in February. No U.S. dates but plenty in Canada and the UK! Check them out below.

[MP3] Jenn Grant – Heartbreaker
[MP3] Jenn Grant – Blue Mountains

Jenn Grant – Echoes Track Listing
01 Heartbreaker
02 You’ll Go Far
03 Where Are You Now
04 Blue Mountains
05 Parachutes
06 I Was Your Woman
07 (I’ve Got) The Two Of You
08 Sailing By Silverships
09 Fireflies
10 Hawaii
11 Only Love Can Break Your Heart
12 Everybody Loves You
13 I’ll See You Again 78rpm


TORONTO, ON: The Mod Club, Feb 12 w/ Kevin Hearn
MONTREAL, QC: The Green Mile, Feb 13
WAKEFIELD, QC: The Blacksheep Inn, Feb 14 w/ Kevin Hearn
HALIFAX, NS: Dalhousie University – The Rebecca Cohn, Feb 15 w/ Kevin Hearn
SHEFFIELD, UK: The Grapes, Feb 18 w/ Kevin Hearn
NEWCASTLE, UK: Studio in Live Theatre, Feb 21 w/ Kevin Hearn
DUBLIN, UK: The Ruby Sessions, Feb 24 w/ Kevin Hearn
LONDON, UK: The Macbeth, Feb 25 w/ Kevin Hearn
BRIGHTON, UK: Engine Room, Feb 27 w/ Kevin Hearn
TORONTO, ON: CMW, March 14
AUSTIN, TX: SXSW, March 18 – 22

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