Around The Blogs: Ida Maria Mania Continues, Pretty Much Amazing, New Antony & The Johnsons video

Ida Maria in NYC. photos by Faith-Ann Young for Brooklyn Vegan

Reading the blogs so you don’t have too…

Brooklyn Vegan used part of my post about Ida Maria on his equally amorous post about the rock goddess playing in New York. Apparently commentors didn’t like me referring to her as “better than Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse” and how I completely missed the Karen O comparison. See – now – I always appreciated The Yeah Yeah Yeahs but I sometimes found Karen’s stage antics to be a little overblown. Ida Maria’s were perfectly saucy. [READ POST]

Stereogum has the new video for Antony & The Johnson‘s “Epilepsy Is Dancing.” They will be playing Noisepop this year alongside Matt Costa, Robert Francis, Port O’ Brien, and Rademacher to name a few. [WATCH VIDEO]

Pretty Much Amazing just launched a podcast with their “Bands To Watch in 2009.” Very interesting list. I’m glad to see La Roux getting some love but seriously – Passion Pit? Wasn’t that LAST YEAR?

Ever wonder what it would be like if Rock Insider moved to Minnesota and started bloggin’ about the awesome local scene in Minneapolis? Look no further than Minneapolis Fucking Rocks. Fantastic blog that features a lot of local music from that area. I give Ian and his crew massive KUDOS. [GO TO SITE]


Theresa Andersson – Hummingbird, Go!

Theresa Andersson

[MP3] Theresa Andersson – Birds Fly Away

Hearing about Theresa Andersson and seeing her live are two completely different things. The one woman wonder loops all the instruments live and has the voice of an angel. Just watch the video below to get the full effect. Seriously you HAVE to watch.

Her new album Hummingbird, Go! Is a delicious blend of folk, jazz, and improvisational moments. It’s no wonder Pitchfork, NPR, and Rolling Stone have had nothing but great things to say about the innovative performer.

Theresa Andersson will be playing at The Hotel Cafe TONIGHT at 7pm.


The Decemberists Announce New Album + Offer Free Download

The Decemberists (Portland, OR)

[MP3] The Decemberists – The Rake’s Song (NEW TRACK!!!!)

It’s been over two years since the release of The Decemberists‘ critically acclaimed major label debut The Crane Wife on Capitol Records. With all the restructuring at EMI and Capitol I’m almost shocked that the label has moved things forward to release the band’s follow up The Hazards Of Love which will hit the streets and internets on March 24th. After all this record sounds NOTHING like Katy Perry.

Most of you know that during my days at Capitol I worked The Crane Wife. It was definitely one of those *pinch me* moments. So far what I’ve heard of Hazards is extraordinary. Like The Crane Wife the record is also a concept album and features of 17 tracks of hyper-literate indie rock.

The press release I was sent states that The Hazards of Love “tells the tale of a woman named Margaret who is ravaged by a shape-shifting animal; her lover, William; a forest queen; and a cold-blooded, lascivious rake, who recounts with spine-tingling ease how he came “to be living so easy and free” in the “The Rake’s Song.”

Lavender Diamond‘s Becky Stark and My Brightest Diamond’s Shara Worden lend their vocal chops to the female characters, while My Morning Jacket‘s Jim James, Robyn Hitchcock and the Spinanes‘ Rebecca Gates appear in supporting roles.

The band have also released a free download of “The Rake’s Song” – which you can nab above – as a little tasting of what’s to come.

No word yet if there will be a Guitarmageddon rematch between Steven Colbert and Chris Funk. Might I suggest switching things up and testing your fate in the battle of a lifetime – Glockenspiel-mageddon?

The band plan on touring this spring and in a ballsy move will be playing The Hazards of Love from beginning to end for the first half of their set before launching into a bevy of delightful older tunes.

The Hazards Of Love Track Listing
1. Prelude
2. The Hazards of Love 1 (The Prettiest Whistles Won’t Wrestle the Thistles Undone)
3. A Bower Scene
4. Won’t Want for Love (Margaret in the Taiga)
5. The Hazards of Love 2 (Wager All)
6. The Queen’s Approach
7. Isn’t it a Lovely Night?
8. The Wanting Comes in Waves / Repaid
9. An Interlude
10. The Rake’s Song
11. The Abduction of Margaret
12. The Queen’s Rebuke / The Crossing
13. Annan Water
14. Margaret in Captivity
15. The Hazards of Love 3 (Revenge!)
16. The Wanting Comes in Waves (Reprise)
17. The Hazards of Love 4 (The Drowned)


Happy Inauguration Day!

I swear time stood still across America this morning when President Obama gave his inaugural address. What a great time we live in. It’s tough as hell but at least we have hope for the future. You can watch full inauguration coverage over at CNN.com.

Today is the perfect day to listen to the new project from VosotrosYes We Puede!. To celebrate our new President the Vosotros crew gathered their closest friends cover tunes from America’s national songbook!

The project features music from Obi Best, Learning Music, Dream Kids, weyou, B.R.A.M., and Mooey Moobau – you can download the ENTIRE RELEASE as a free download from their website: yeswepuede.com

1. Star Spangled Banner (vosotros)
2. Taps – America The Beautiful (Obi Best)
3. My Country ‘Tis of Thee Pt. 1 (Learning Music)
4. My Country ‘Tis of Thee Pt. 2 (Learning Music)
5. Yankee Doodle (Dream Kids)
6. You’re A Grand Old Flag (weyou)
7. Anchors Aweigh (B.R.A.M.)
8. Swanee River (Mooey Moobau)


Avi Buffalo TONIGHT at The Echo + Around The Blogs

Avi Buffalo (Long Beach, CA)

Its been a interesting weekend. I spent Saturday night at Spaceland with the ever-amazing Rademacher and yesterday I ventured down to Long Beach to check out Avi Buffalo and Wet Cassette – The new project from The Rolling Blackouts which also features The Voyeurs’ Sean Johnson and Jonathan Hylander. Thanks for introducing me to Winter Solstice gents.

Avi Buffalo will be playing in LA TONIGHT at The Echo opening Robert Francis‘ Residency night at 9pm. There are big things in store for this band.  They are currently in the studio working on a full length debut produced by Aaron Embry of Amnion.

[MP3] Avi Buffalo – Truth Sets In
[MP3] The Voyeurs- Things People Say
[MP3] Robert Francis – Little Girl
[MP3] Rademacher – If U Know


Surfing On Steam has video of Fleet Foxes performing on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. Also be sure to check out his first SOSMIX. Includes music from Animal Collective, VoicesVoices. and Sundelles.

Hipster Runoff just started a podcast because he was “looking for a more meaningful method of ’self-expression’ than just blogging.” You can download it here.

Web In Front has more Indie 103.1 Drama. I’m really sad Indie is gone but as someone who has been through TWO  mass layoffs and corporate restructuring I really can’t stomach it. I spent almost 2 years being bummed after Capitol went down in flames. The best thing everyone can do is move on.


Mark Shovel on Buzz Bands on Little Radio Right Now!

Go to Little Radio right now to listen to Mark Shovel formerly of Indie 103.1 chatting it up with Kevin Bronson on his Buzz Bands Program.

myspace message from Shovel:

For some fool reason, Im going to drag my ass out of bed on my first weekday off in 5 years at the request of Kevin Bronson.

I’ll be on his show Buzzbands on www. littleradio. com

We will discuss, among other things, the death of Indie 103.1.

Of course there will be tons of great local music, as we would expect of Sir Bronson.

www. littleradio. com

An internet radio station with Dj’s, shows and….people.

Thanks again for your messages of support.

Mr. Shovel



Dead Man’s Bones (Los Angeles, CA)

I’m all for actor’s who become musicians. I don’t see anything wrong with exercising your creative juices especially if you are good at your instrument. It’s the same way I think there’s nothing wrong with music bloggers playing in bands – Scott from Surfing On Steam is the very talented guitarist in The Meeting Places and yours truly plays bass in The Monolators. There is no law that says you can’t be good at two things – although truth be told I’m a SHIT music blogger.

On to the story at hand:

I know of certain females who go to shows at Spaceland simply because Ryan Gosling *MIGHT* be in the audience. Well guess what…now you can see him on stage!!!

Ryan Gosling is in a new band called Dead Man’s Bones. The band will be releasing a new record on Werewolf Heart Records – which is owned by members of Ima Robot. Gosling play keys and sings. At first his voice reminded me of Ian Curtis of Joy Division but something in his alliteration is so uncannily Patrick Wolf. Download a live track below. It’s complete with a childrens choir which is deliciously over the top.

You can catch Dead Man’s Bones at Mar. 21st in Austin at the Werewolf Heart Records Showcase.

[MP3] Dead Man’s Bones – In The Room Where You Sleep (wrap party live version)


Indie 103.1 FM Dunzo?

Seems like everyone is hearing the news. Buzz Bands, The Tripwire, and Daily Swarm are all reporting that Indie 103.1 FM have officially gone off the air.

Kevin Bronson has the latest updates and news. Read it here….


Wavves Sign To Fat Possum – 2nd Full Length Out March 17th!

Wavves (Los Angeles, CA)

I think it’s insanely funny that the band’s LA Blogs love to talk about hardly ever get national press while the bands that skate just under the radar and don’t get written about by LA Blogs are the ones who garner national acclaim and praise.

What does that say about LA Music Writers?

ANNNNNY WAY. I was very stoked when I opened up my inbox this morning to learn that LA Based No Wave/Experimental Rock artist WAVVES have signed to Fat Possum and will be putting out his second full length entitled WAVVVES on March 17th, 2009. He will also be a featured artist at SXSW this year.

I featured WAVVES on a Monday mix a few months back but have left features well enough alone. He already has GorillavsBear and Pitchfork acclaim and doesnt need features from the lolely Rock Insider.

Self deprication aside – WAVVES music is lo-fi at its absolute fabulous. The whole record sounds like its wrapped in a warm blanket of fuzz that actually has a great deal of melody and repetitive hooks that get stuck in your head. All the press and supposed hype its actually well deserved. Check out “So Bored” below. WAVVES will be playing at The El Rey on Jan 24th with Tapes N’ Tapes and White Denim.

[MP3] Wavves – So Bored

(Fat Possum)
Street date: March 17, 2009

1. Rainbow Everywhere
2. Beach Demon
3. To The Dregs
4. Sun Opens My Eyes
5. Gun In The Sun
6. So Bored
7. Goth Girls
8. No Hope Kids
9. Weed Demon
10. California Goths
11. Summer Goth
12. Ghost Ramp
13. Killr Punx, Scary Demons
14. Surf Goth
bonus track: Wavves


Around The Blogs…..

Hipster Runoff has been on an absolute roll lately. All the more reason to obsessively read his site every fucking day.

On Animal Collective:

“I feel like they are sort of like a ‘really funny, progressive comedy that got cancelled from cable TV’ in band format, except they are a band so they don’t get ‘cancelled’–they get the opportunity to move forward become more authentic, letting their fan base ‘grow’ with them.” [Read More]

Truth be told I actually haven’t listened to Merriweather Post Pavillion yet. Even after it leaked. Still I’m writing about the hype. Most bloggers just call this kind of behavior their “End of The Year” List.

Sometimes Rock Insider Photographer Benjamin Hoste launched his own blog – Yeah Yeah I Know Your Style. We love him and support him and his awesome photos so you should too. Bookmark that shit. Check his updates, and if you’re in a band hook him up with photo passes so he can make you look hot (you’re already good-looking but seriously…HOT!) He also has awesome photos of Robert Francis and Red Cortez from Monday night.

SXSW MADNESS IS NOW UPON US!!! The best blog for all the SXSW scoop including day parties band previews, and info is Done Waiting. If you’re going be sure check this site every day!


Complete List Of LA Bands Confirmed For SXSW 2009

Its official – Every band in Silverlake is playing SXSW this year. This isn’t even counting the ones who are just going to party! The Henry Clay People and Death To Anders are notably missing from the list. Rademacher will also be heading out to the festival this year and already have a bevy of events already confirmed. You dont have to be an official band to play parties. If you have the capacity to get out there – performing or not GO and have a good time!

Check out the full list of performers confirmed right here.


Jim Bianco
Black Math Horseman
The Bronx
Tom Brosseau
Crash Kings
Crystal Antlers
The Crystal Method
Foreign Born
Robert Francis
Great Northern
The Happy Hollows
IO Echo
Jay Nash
Jeremy Jay
Greg Laswell
Light FM
The Little Ones
los super elegantes
The Mae Shi
Magic Lantern
Angie Mattson
Mika Miko
Terra Naomi
Night Horse
Patrick Park
Pierre de Reeder
Pop Levi
The Quarter After
Red Cortez
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
The Shys
The Soft Pack
Maria Taylor
Very Be Careful
Year Long Disaster
Rocco Deluca and the Burden
Sun Araw
The Japanese Motors
Iglu & Hartly
Fol Chen


Ida Maria – Oh My God

Ida Maria (Nesna, Nordland, Norway)

[MP3] Ida Maria – Oh My God

I saw Norwegian self proclaimed “Queen Of The World” Ida Maria at The Viper Room last night. The room was completely packed before 8:30pm and when she hit the stage……well…all I can say really is “Oh My God.” The woman is a rock goddess. She wore a gold flapper dress and over the next 30 minutes proceeded to shimmy, shake, writhe, and rock the fuck into the entire audience’s collective heart. There have been occasions in the past where female indie pop stars use their sultry attitude and bad girl stage behavior to launch them to superstar status (Lily and Amy I’m looking at you) Ida blew both of them out of the water for me. Ida Maria is the real deal. She’s going to be huge.

Ida is now headed to New York for shows at Mercury Lounge and Union Pool. The Union Pool show is already sold out



Local News Round Up: The Pity Party, Amnion, Robert Francis

The Raveonettes (New York, NY/Los Angeles, CA)

Heinsenflei from The Pity Party will be sitting in on drums with The Raveonettes for 5 shows this month. The tour will stop in Los Angeles at The Henry Fonda Theater on Jan 24th. [READ BLOG POST]

The Raveonettes Tour Dates
Jan 15 BOSTON, Paradise Rock Club, Boston, Massachusetts
Jan 16 NEW YORK, Webster Hall, New York City, New York
Jan 17 WASHINGTON DC, Black Cat, Washington, Washington DC
Jan 23 SAN FRANCISCO, Bimbo’s 365 Club, San Francisco, California
Jan 24 LOS ANGELES, Henry Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, California)

Congratulations to Aaron & Nikki Embry of Amnion. The pair welcomed baby Mayla into the world on Jan 7th! [READ BLOG POST]

Robert Francis‘ January Residency at The Echo continues TONIGHT with performances from Red Cortez (Formerly The Weather Underground) Evan Way of The Parson Red Heads, and The Horse Thieves. Set time can be found below!

Jan 12th
9pm The Horse Thieves
10pm Red Cortez (Formerly The Weather Underground)
11pm Robert Francis
12am Evan Way Of The Parson Red Heads (Solo Set)

Red Cortez – “End of an Error” Directed by Leah McKissock


Blue Jungle TONIGHT at The Smell + Huge Show at Spacelad TONIGHT

Blue Jungle (Los Angeles, CA)

[MP3] Blue Jungle – Here We Go Again

Blue Jungle celebrate the release of their full length debut Baby Don’t Cry at The Smell with Crocodiles and more. After party at L’Keg. Blue Jungle are certainly a band to watch in LA. Their breed of droning post-punk combined with the fabulous presence of front woman Blu Blu is sure to cause quite a stir in the coming months.

Tonight’s lineup at Spaceland is sure to hit capacity with The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra, Lemon Sun, Afternoons, and The Henry Clay People all playing on the same bill. It’s also Kelly’s last show singing with FTO. Henry Clays will be playing the midnight slot testing out new touring members.

Shameless plug: Be sure to pick up their 7″ Vinyl Single for “Working Part Time” with limited edition 5 Song Digital EP in our JAXART Store.


Video: Katy Perry – Thinking Of You

Katy Perry (Los Angeles, CA)

Katy Perry just unveiled her new 1940s themed video for “Thinking of You” this week. This video is so beautifully styled I just HAD to post it. Just take a look at her shoes. See I’m not traditionally a show freak but ALL THE SHOES IN THIS VIDEO ARE FABULOUS!

Oh ps. Sad ending too.

Katy Perry – Thinking of You


The Henry Clay People Announce 6 Week US Tour

The Henry Clay People @ Spaceland CD Release Show

[MP3] The Henry Clay People – Working Part Time
[MP3] Rademacher – If U Know

Exciting news for The Henry Clay People!

The band just announced they will be the opening act for The Airborne Toxic Event‘s 6-week U.S. tour!

The Henry Clay People released a 7 inch single and 5 song digital EP for “Working Part Time” on JAXART Records last year.

They then went on to release a fabulous full length entitled “For Cheap Or For Free” on Aquarium Drunkard‘s label AutumnTone Records.

The band will be opening the first of 3 acts on the tour so remember to get to the venues early or you’ll miss the “Best Band In LA.”

Rademacher will also support on a few dates in late march. Read Henry Clay People‘s myspace bulletin announcing the tour right here. Dates and ticket links can be found below!

Pick up The Henry Clay People‘s “Working Part Time” 7″ Vinyl Single + 5 Song Digital EP in the JAXART store for only $7 bucks – shipping is included!

Rademacher‘s ERA EP is available now at iTUNES and EMusic!

With The Airborne Toxic Event

Feb 11 Delta Room @ House of Blues San Diego, CA [BUY TICKETS]
Feb 12 Henry Fonda Music Box Los Angeles, CA [BUY TICKETS]
Feb 13 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco, CA [BUY TICKETS]
Feb 15 Neumos Seattle, WA [BUY TICKETS]
Feb 17 Doug Fir Lounge Portland, OR [BUY TICKETS]
Feb 18 Richard’s on Richards Vancouver, BC [BUY TICKETS]
Feb 20 Neurolux Boise, ID [BUY TICKETS]
Feb 21 Sho Sushi Murray, UT
Feb 23 Bluebird Theater Denver, CO [BUY TICKETS]
Feb 25 Jackpot Music Hall Lawrence, KS [BUY TICKETS]
Feb 26 The Vaudeville Mews Des Moines, IA [BUY TICKETS]
Feb 27 Triple Rock Social Club Minneapolis, MN [BUY TICKETS]

With The Airborne Toxic Event & Alberta Cross
Feb 28 Schubas Chicago, IL [BUY TICKETS]
Mar 1 The Basement Columbus, OH [BUY TICKETS]
Mar 2 Mr. Smalls Theater Pittsburgh, PA [BUY TICKETS]
Mar 4 El Mocambo Toronto, Ontario [BUY TICKETS]
Mar 5 Zaphod Beeblebrox Ottawa, Ontario [BUY TICKETS]
Mar 6 Saints Montreal, Quebec [GET INFO]
Mar 7 Paradise Boston, MA [BUY TICKETS]
Mar 9 The Note Chester, PA [BUY TICKETS]
Mar 10 The Saint Asbury Park, NJ [BUY TICKETS]
Mar 11 Bowery Ballroom New York, NY [BUY TICKETS]
Mar 12 Backstage @ the Black Cat WASHINGTON, Washington DC[BUY TICKETS]
Mar 13 Local 506 Chapel Hill, NC [BUY TICKETS]
Mar 15 The Drunken Unicorn Atlanta, GA [BUY TICKETS]
Mar 17 The Loft Dallas, TX [BUY TICKETS]
Mar 18 Meridian Red Room Houston, TX [BUY TICKETS]

Mar 19 SXSW Austin, TX
Mar 20 SXSW Austin, TX
Mar 21 SXSW Austin, TX

With The Airborne Toxic Event & Rademacher

Mar 23 The Rock Tuscon, AZ [BUY TICKETS]
Mar 24 Martini Ranch Scottsdale, AZ [BUY TICKETS]
Mar 25 Beauty Bar Las Vegas, NV [BUY TICKETS]
Mar 26 The Glass House Pomona, CA [BUY TICKETS]
Mar 27 Blue Lamp Sacramento, CA [GET INFO]


Pale Young Gentlemen – Paper Planes (M.I.A Cover)

Pale Young Gentlemen (Madison, WI)

Is it just me or does this cover sound a lot like Beck mixed with Dynamite Hack? Not saying that’s a bad thing.

You got to commend Pale Young Gentlemen for replacing gunshots with a bicycle bell. Haha.

The track was originally recorded for Cokemachineglow‘s “Fantasy Podcast”, which also includes covers by Stars Like Fleas, Mason Proper, AGF, Wye Oak, and a bunch more. Check it out here.

[MP3] Pale Young Gentlemen – Paper Planes (M.I.A Cover)


No Culture At The Echo Opening Night TONIGHT

Big thanks to Marcus at El Echo Parqueno for this tasty bit of news. Echo Park Records will launch a new weekly club night at the Echo TONIGHT! The night will feature renowned DJs Guns N’ Bombs, Cosmic Kids, and Acid Girls as well as a set by Free Blood.

Find out more details right here.


The Sundelles – Dead Youth

The Sundelles (Brooklyn, NY)

Been listening to a lot of new music lately – including this band The Sundelles. The band currently lives in Brooklyn by way of San Diego are are part of the 1928 recordings family home to The Soft Pack (Formerly The Muslims) and The Browns. I was really digging their tracks on myspace so I asked them to send me an MP3. They sent over “Dead Youth” which has become my unofficial anthem for the beginning of 2009.

The band’s sound is as classic garage as you can get and there is something reminiscent of Sid Vicious in the singer’s voice. This track is filled with youthful exuberance and defiance. Definitely mixtape worthy!

Download “Dead Youth” below. You can listen to more tracks on the band’s myspace page.

[MP3] The Sundelles –
Dead Youth


The Walkmen Announce West Coast Tour + Robert Francis Residency Begins TONIGHT!

The Walkmen (New York, NY)

Welcome back from the break office drones. I know you’re all glued to your desks responding a to a billion e-mails and generally freaking out about the workload you’ve stepped back in to. It just goes to prove my theory that without the internet the world will surely crumble. What a horrible world that would be indeed.

I’m up to my eyeballs in schtuff so enjoy this brief but tasty bit o’ news. The Walkmen are coming back to the west coast! Their latest album You & Me made more than a few top 10 lists at the end of last year.

The band will be playing at The Henry Fonda Theater with Beach House on January 20th. Dates can be found below!

19 – San Diego, Calif. @ Belly Up
20 – Los Angeles, Calif. @ Henry Fonda Theater
21 – San Francisco, Calif. @ The Fillmore
23 – Portland, Ore. @ Wonder Ballroom
24 – Seattle, Wash. @ Neumos

- plus -


Robert Francis kicks off his Echo Residency with a special performance from Pete Yorn! Andrew from Radars To The Sky, Seasons, and Boll Weevil will also perform. Set times are listed below!!

1822 W Sunset Blvd.

Jan 5th Set Times
9pm Andrew From Radars to the Sky
10pm Seasons
11pm Robert Francis w/ Pete Yorn sitting in
12am Boll Weevil


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