Vote For The Monolators To Play Detour

The Monolators (Los Angeles, CA)

I would normally not do this and I’m sure there will be a few people who think it’s not cool to self-promote – but dagnabbit it’s my site and I’ll BLOG if I want too.

As you may know I began playing bass for a band called The Monolators about 4 months ago. Eli and Mary Monolator have been rocking Los Angeles crowds for over 6 years and I have been so honored to play with them and guitarist Tom Bogden for the past few months.

The Monolators we’re named a finalist in a competition to play this year’s LA Weekly Detour Festival with Gogol Bordello, The Mars Volta, Black Lips, Cut Copy, The Presets and more. We sent out messages to get people to vote thinking we didn’t stand a chance. We were completely dumbfounded that by some miracle we managed to eek our way up to being TIED FOR FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!! It’s all because of you guys!!!



The way the voting works: You can vote once per day per IP address (thats internets speak for your internet connection). You can also vote on your cell phone if you have a blackberry, iphone, or other smartphone. Just go to the URL in your phone’s browser. We figure if everyone votes once per day through the end of the competition we could win this thing!! How cool would that be!!!!!!!

The competition ends on September 18th. Just 6 days away!!!!!!!

PS. The Monolators will be playing at The Echo on Monday night with dear friends Death To Anders, The Transmissions, and Radars To The Sky. The show is free and we play at midnight!!!!

[MP3] The Monolators – Don’t Dance
[MP3] The Monolators –
Eagle Fighting Zebra

VIDEO: The Monolators – Hearts Going Steady + Food Fight (around the 2 minute mark. Thanks elaine!!)

Message From The Monolators Myspace Below!

Hi everyone!

I wanted to let you all know that we’re playing a wonderful show this coming Monday as part of the Death To Anders residency at The Echo! It’s going to be our good friends The Transmissions, Radars To The Sky, Death To Anders (natch), and we take the time-honored Monolators Midnight Slot, which we promise to Rock Like The Wind Doth.
Does the wind rock? I presume so! We are honored and delighted that DTA asked us to play and we would be equally delighted to see your sparkling countenances on parade within! What ho!

Also also also: if you haven’t checked recently we are NECK AND NECK, yes, tied for first place in the Detour Festival poll! I had no idea that this would be so exciting! Dear friends, if you have not voted, I humbly entreat you to do so, and I would remind you that, yes, you may indeed vote daily up through the 18th of the month. And it would be of TREMENDOUS help if you could pass the word along. I believe that the forces of nature are on our side (the squirrels and the foxes tell me so), but alas, our cuddly forest friends mostly cannot vote. But you and your pals can! So there we are.
Voting is here:

I thank you again for your love and support!

-Eli, Mary, Tom, and Ashley

The Monolators


Recommended Shows Sept. 11th – Jenny Lewis and Two Crazy Good Local Shows

Tonight will be my first time venturing over to the Unknown Theater. I love going to see shows in new venues I’ve never been too. The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra, Avi Buffalo, Seasons, and BoxViolet will all be performing so it will be a night with good friends. We even heard a rumor about their being FREE BEER. Tickets tonight are just $5.

Les Blanks, The Voyeurs, My Pet Saddle, Go West Young Man @ Silverlake Lounge – Dear sweet friends and amazing bands. I really wish I could go to this show. Ill be there in spirit.

Pizza!, The Mormons @ The Five Star Bar – Two of the best local bands around playing for FREE Downtown (267 S Main Street)
PASH! @ The Room – Password this week is “Brooklyn” There will be DJs and dancing!
Jenny Lewis @ Spaceland – Rilo Kiley front woman doing a solo gig. Tomorrow she will be playing an all ages shindig at The Echo with my favorites The Strange Boys.
Lion of Panjshir, Gangi, Golden Animals @ Tangier
Cat Party, Franco Near Death, The Meka Leka Hi’s, & Codpiece @ Mr T’s Bowl – Cat Party are fucking great.

[MP3] Jenny Lewis – Acid Tongue
[MP3] Les Blanks – Grand Kickstand
[MP3] Pizza! – Be A Man
[MP3] The Voyeurs – Sunny Afternoon
[MP3] Avi Buffalo – I’m So Exclusive
[MP3] The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra  – Don’t Be Fooled


Tweak Bird – Reservations

Tweak Bird (Los Angeles, CA)

My first experience with Tweak Bird came on a warm December night at The El Rey. Mezzanine Owls and The Valley Arena were playing an event for LA Weekly. At the time Tweak Bird was the only band on the bill I did not recognize. When they started playing they ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED. Ever since I’ve been a huge fan.

Yesterday the bros released their new Reservations EP on Volcom Entertainment. Besides having some of the creepiest album artwork I have ever seen the album is loaded with 7 face melting tracks. It ranges from high octane rock n roll to slightly less abrasive yet still mind bending psychadelic rock.

Tweak Bird will be celebrating the release September 17th at the Silverlake Lounge with Pterodacdudes (Quite possibly the best band name I have heard to date).

[MP3] Tweak Bird – Shivers
[MP3] Tweak Bird – Favorite Sun


PS. A brand new Deerhoof track was released to the internets this week! They are definitely moving in a more pop direction but I think new stuff sounds AMAZING Download new tunes below!

[MP3] Deerhoof – Offend Maggie


Recommended Shows September 10th, 2008 – Crystal Antlers On A Boat

Its’s Jonny from Crystal Antlers Birthday Party on the High Seas TONIGHT in LONG BEACH

Crystal Antlers
The Strange Boys
Slang Chickens


Shoreline Dr.
, Dock 7
Long Beach, California 90802
United States (562) 437-6253

There‘s a FULL BAR on the boat and it is ALL AGES.


also, check Pitchfork. tv for Crystal Antlers “DON’T LOOK DOWN”

PS. It’s also my HALF birthday today. I fully expect on getting half-birthday kisses from Sexual Chocolate.

Ratatat @ The Henry Fonda
Built to Spill, Quasi @ Troubadour
Eleni Mandell, Olin and the Moon @ Tangier
Aaron Embry & Friends, Tenlons Fort @ Tangier
Throw Me the Statue,  Bodies of WaterPrinceton @ the Echo

[MP3] Ratatat – Falcon Jab
[MP3] Bodies Of Water – Under The Pines
[MP3] Eleni Mandell – Moonglow, Lamp Low
[MP3] Amnion – Keep In Touch


Crystal Antlers On Pitchfork TV

Crystal Antlers (Long Beach, CA)

Pitchfork TV unveiled the first part of Crystal Antlers Don’t Look Down performance today. Don’t Look Down is filmed on a rooftop in Brooklyn. During the first song of their set singer Johnny Bell jumps up on the ledge with nothing but air stopping him from a 25 foot free fall to the street below.

Check out “As The Sun Dies Part 2″ Below and catch more at Pitchfork.tv

The band will be back in Long Beach TOMORROW night playing the Rocket Boat with Slang Chickens and tour mates The Strange Boys. It’s also Johnny’s birthday. I’d say he has about a 50% chance of puking from the sea sickness and another 50% chance from the booze. Either way it should be fun.

[MP3] Crystal Antlers – Parting Song For The Torn Sky

VIDEO: Crystal Antlers – Part 1 of 2: Until The Sun Dies (Part2)


Recommended Shows September 9th, 2008

Ratatat (Brooklyn, NY)

Not much going on tonight in the local arena but I’ll be stoned in the streets if I don’t mention that Mogwai and Ratatat will be playing shows in Los Angeles TONIGHT.

Mogwai will play The Wiltern with Pitchfork darlings Fuck Buttons – while Ratatat will no doubt cause a dance riot with Panther at The Fonda.

Ratatat‘s new album LP3 is definately going to be near the top of my end of the year list. I can’t stop listening to it. Main reason: gratuitous use of AUTO HARP through the entire record.

[MP3] Ratatat – Shiller
[MP3] Fuck Buttons – Ribs Out


Damien Jurado, Jennifer O’Connor, Little Wings @ Spaceland – If you’re into a more mellow mood this evening this trio of singer songwriters will certainly put you in a pensive-zen mood

Mogwai – Batcat


Florence Sings To America

Florence And The Machine (London, UK)

You may remember a few months back when I wrote about how much I love Florence And The Machine. The UK songstress is my vote to be the next female vocalist to bust out of the UK and crack a few jaws along the way. I’m such a sucker for tough chicks who sing twisted bubblegum pop tunes.

Being that she is relatively new to North America Florence has decided to reach out to the US market with a new animated gif (which is SERIOUSLY GENIUS) and a new contest called Florence Sings To America.

From HSB:
One lucky winner will win a personalized video performance of her newest single “Kiss With A Fist” to be premiered on Imeem, and all they have to do is fill out the form about what they want to see in the video! You have until September 18th to enter; you might as well, since it takes such little work to enter and once Florence blows up in America, you can brag to all of your friends how you have a personalized video from her.

She’s currently writing/recording new material with James Ford (of Simian Mobile Disco, also produced Bloc Party, Arctic Monkeys, Klaxons, etc.), so you know big things are headed her way.

[MP3] Florence And The Machine – Girl With One Eye


Recommended Shows September 8th, 2008

Death To Anders Play TONIGHT at The Echo

Death to Anders, The Henry Clay People (acoustic), Robert Francis, Manhattan Murder Mystery @ the Echo – Tonight’s residency for the fabulous Death to Anders will also feature two of the most exciting live bands in LA: Manhattan Murder Mystery and The Henry Clay People. The Henry Clays also have new t-shirts that will be on sale tonight!

Don’t forget The Monolators will be playing DTA residency next week with The Transmissions and Radars To The Sky.
[MP3] Death To Anders – Camera Lens [MP3] The Henry Clay People – You Can Be Timeless



Dios (Malos), Radar Bros, Marching Band, Leviathan Brothers @ Spaceland

Kyle H. Mabson, Sex-S , Adventure, Future Islands, I.E. @ Pehrspace – Sean Carnage night. It’s only $5 bucks and you can bring your own bottle of Maker’s Mark with you!


Mika Miko – "Keep On Calling" Live Video + Interview

Mika Miko (Los Angeles, CA)

I get a lot of emails from promotions companies asking me to put up content for their clients. Rarely do I respond to such requests.

Today I make an exception A.) Because I absolutely love Mika Miko and B.) Because the live video below SLAYS and also features Dean Spunt of No Age sitting in on drums.

The live video was shot for a BoostMobile promotion that I’m still trying to figure out. But hey, VERY NICE MOVE going with Mika Miko!

[MP3] Mika Miko – Wild Bore
[MP3] Mika Miko – Business Cats



Mika Miko “Keep On Calling” from boostmobile on Vimeo.


Mika Miko Interview from boostmobile on Vimeo.


Monday Mixtape #002 – Autumn

Time for the 2nd installment in our new weekly feature – The Monday Mixtape.

In today’s edition we turn to the season at hand – Autumn.

Living in SoCal makes it almost impossible to feel the season – especially with Indian Summer lasting well into November around these parts.

Still autumn has a very distinct tone and feel. I find myself gravitating more to folk music, singer songwriters, and country music around this time of year. I also tend to focus on lyrics and story telling rather than hooks and interesting arrangements.

Today’s mixtape is filled with the perfect tunes for falling leaves, pencil erasers, and nights getting colder. A lot of it is new music you may have not heard of so I encourage you to download the mix in its entirety and listen to it in your car on your way home from work today.

MONDAY MIXTAPE #002 – Autumn
[MP3] The Sadies – Oak Ridges
[MP3] Benoit Pioulard – Idyll
[MP3] Chad VanGaalen – Molten Light
[MP3] Sleepysun – Lord
[MP3] Atlas Sound – My Car
[MP3] The Sess – Sheep City
[MP3] High Places – The Storm
[MP3] Bottle Up And Go – All My Trials
[MP3] McCarthy Trenching – Roasting Song
[MP3] Bear Hands – Golden

Check out Rock Insider’s first Monday Mix at the link below:

Rock Insider’s Monday Mix #001 – Change


World Shocked As Noel Gallagher Assaulted On Stage By Someone other than his brother

Oasis (Manchester, UK)

Thanks to Stereogum for this tasty bit of news. It’s good to see that brother’s Noel and Liam Gallagher of Oasis have finally stopped beating each other up on stage. However it doubly sucks that fans now feel the need to take it upon themselves to spark the violence. Apparently someone was a little upset at the choice words Noel had against Radiohead.

Watch the video below as Noel Gallagher gets knocked off his feet by an unidentified assailant at the Toronto Virgin Festival. Fast forward to the 1:30 mark.



Britney Spears is set to open up the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards. Courtesy of MTV.com

Happy Friday Everyone! The work week is almost and you know what that means!!! Eating Taco Bell in the laundromat parking lot and watching 6 hours straight of CSI! WOHOOO!

In the spirit of giving on this glorious Pre-VMA Weekend I felt the need to hook y’all up with some more new music you should be adding to your ipod so you can show your friends how cool you are at parties. It’s all of the electro-jangly-indie-rock-ambient-afro beat punk-OK really whatever-I-felt-like-posting variety.


[MP3] Of Montreal – Nonpareil Of Favor
[MP3] MGMT – Time To Pretend (Jorge Elbrecht of Violens Remix)
[MP3] Annuals – Confessor (NEW TRACK!!)
[MP3] The Shaky Hands – A New Parade
[MP3] Weird Tapes – The Heavens **PDG (stands for pretty darn great)
[MP3] High Places – From Stardust to Sentience
[MP3] Oh Captain My Captain – On My Mind

See you on Monday.

PS. I’ve been kind of nostalgic for over the top bubblegum pop music as of late. Seriously Britney Spears can’t lip synch like she used too..

Britney Spears and N’SYNC perform “Baby One More Time/Tearin’ Up My Heart” live at the 1999 VMAs


Rademacher – ERA EP

Rademacher (Fresno, CA)

Rock Insider’s little record label that could JAXART Records will be releasing Rademacher‘s new digital EP entitled ERA on Sept 30th! The band will also be doing a FREE residency at The Echo every Monday in October to celebrate the release.

I have been a fan of the band for well over a year and I’m so excited to be putting out what I consider to be their best recordings to date. The 4 song EP is simply gorgeous. I won’t gush too much about the record because obviously I’m biased towards it

Download “If You Know” – a new track from ERA below and decide for yourself!

[MP3] Rademacher – If You Know

1. If U Know
2. Believer
3. Need Nobody

PS. Be sure to catch Rademacher TOMORROW night at pehrspace with Light FM and Le Switch. A bill that good isn’t to be passed up.

Saturday, September 6th

Le Switch
Light FM

325 Glendale Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90026
All ages!


Chad VanGaalen – Soft Airplane

Chad VanGaalen (Calgary, Canada)

Chad VanGaalen‘s absolutely mesmerizing new record Soft Airplane is sure to make it’s way on more than a few top album lists come this Dec. Soft Airplane includes everything from folk tunes to electronica and is held together by VanGaalen’s absolutely intoxicating and haunting vocals. It’s like a slow poison you don’t mind at all.

In addition to being an insanely talented musician VanGaalen is quite the twisted visual artist. He recently unveiled a new video for “Molten Light”  with art and animation created by Chad himself.

Soft Airplane is out next Tuesday Sept 9th via SubPop

  1. Willow Tree
  2. Bones of Man
  3. Cries of the Dead
  4. Inside the Molecules
  5. Bare Feet on Wet Griptape
  6. Phantom Anthills
  7. Poisonous Heads
  8. TMNT Mask
  9. Molten Light
  10. Old Man + the Sea
  11. City of Electric Light
  12. Rabid Bits of Time
  13. Frozen Energon

[MP3] Chad VanGaalen – Molten Light
[MP3] Chad VanGaalen – TMNT Mask

VIDEO: Chad VanGaalen – Molten Light


Recommended Shows Thurs. Sept. 4th, 2008 – Why? At The Echoplex + Le Switch and Pop Levi

Why? (Oakland, CA)

Why?, Rafter, Dub Lab DJs  @ The Echoplex

The experimental folk genre has bred an entire culture of would-be musicians banging on furniture, messing with effects pedals, and practicing Gregorian chants in the hopes that they too can achieve Pitchfork fame and celebrity. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE me some experimental folk. Very few bands do it not just well but EXCEPTIONALLY and Why? is one such band.

The band released a new album entitled Alopecia earlier this year on Anticon. Catch them tonight at The Echoplex!

Rosewood Thieves, Growlers, He’s My Brother She’s My Sister @ The Silverlake Lounge
Lion of PanjshirJonathan Wilson, Gangi @ Tangier ($7)
Pop Levi, Le Switch @ Three of Clubs (Free if you RSVP to sonicliving.com otherwise $5)


The Franks – Un E.P. Free Download

The Franks (Los Angeles, CA)

You might remember we wrote about The Franks a few months back. The band have become well known in the warehouse party circuit in Los Angeles.  Today the band officially released a new EP aptly titled Un E.P. completely for FREE on their website.

The band blaze through 6 songs in less than 12 minutes and includes a song that is only 30 seconds long. The album is loaded with fast and jangly Rock N’ Roll with notable early punk influences. The whole package is pulled together with swagger,style, and infectious energy.

The Franks will be playing September 12th at Downtown +81 admisssion is Free with RSVP and $8 without. Click here for details and be sure to download their tunes below!


[MP3] The Franks – My Friends
[MP3] The Franks – Neon Politik


Recommended Shows Wed Sept. 3rd – HEAVY SH!T at Cha Cha

HEAVY SH!T Tonight at Cha Cha

Well tonight’s featured event isn’t a show as much as pre-party/monster movie fest. That and this poster was too fabulous to pass up the opportunity of posting.

LA Record will be hosting HEAVY SH!T at Cha Cha TONIGHT as a pre-party for Tepee Records Manifest Destiny Festival that will go down this Sunday at The Echoplex with Earthless, The Warlocks, Witch, Ancestors and more.


Come listen to some HEAVY Psych Rock, Metal and everything inbetween with us as we melt our brains to the VHS collection of Heru Avenger!!!



The Night Marchers, Colour Revolt, Slang Chickens @ Echo – The Night Marchers are amazing live and Slang Chickens is a new side project of Evan Weiss from Wires on Fire.
Aaron Embry & Friends, Avi Buffalo, The Relationship (Brian Bell of Weezer) @ Tangier
The Human Value, Xu Xu Fang, The Black Pine @ Spaceland
Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re / Spider Problem @ Silverlake Lounge
Carney @ Troubadour – The Carney brothers are ABSOLUTELY gorgeous and write amazing songs.


Monday Mixtape: Change

This month is officially the month of new beginnings at Camp Rock Insider. I’m in the process of moving to a new apartment and in addition to reorganizing my personal life I’ve decided to update and improve this fair site.

Starting with another weekly feature – The Monday Mixtape. Every Monday here are Rock Insider we will be posting a themed mix of amazing new music for you to listen to and explore all week long.

This week’s theme – CHANGE.


[MP3] The Cramps – Two Headed Sex Change
[MP3] Passion Pit – Sleepyhead
[MP3] Amnion – Here Goes Nothing
[MP3] Final Fantasy – Ultimatum
[MP3] The Coast –
[MP3] Land Of Talk – Some Are Lakes (New Track!)
[MP3] Magic Lantern – At The Mountains Of Madness
[MP3] Vivian Girls – Where Do You Run To
[MP3] Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream


Recommended Shows September 2nd, 2008

Birdmonster play the Troubadour TONIGHT

Sons and Daughters, Birdmonster @ Troubadour – Birdmonster will open for Sons and Daughters and hit the stage at 9PM. The band will be celebrating the release of their new album From The Mountain To The Sea which is officially in stores today. Watch their video for “The Iditarod” right here.

Also worth checking out:

Aquarium Drunkard presents: Centro-matic, Sleepercar, South San Gabriel @ Spaceland

400 Blows, Triclops! @ The Echo – I saw both these bands at the Scene bar in April. Triclops! are from San Francisco and positively slay. I think everyone in LA agrees no one does heavy like 400 Blows

The Wombats, Afternoons, Pop Noir @ the Echoplex – Should be a wonderful night of orchestral indie pop.


To Detour Or Not To Detour…

Eli Chartkoff of The Monolators

The Monolators have been named a finalist in the Detour Festivals Battle of the Bands. The winners get to perform at the festival which will go down October 4th in Downtown LA.

We’re totally the underdogs in this competition – but still it would be SOOOoOOOO frickin’ cool to play.

Take a minute out of your busy day and click the link below to vote. You can vote once per day.. Read Eli’s message about below!

[MP3] The Monolators – Don’t Dance




Dare we Detour?

By Eli Monolator

Well it looks like we’ve been nominated in a virtual “battle of the bands” for a spot at the LA Weekly Detour Festival. This is a big ol’ music festival that happens downtown in October, and people like the Mars Volta and Datarock are playing–and there’s a spot for a local band that is, as they say, TBA. Which means that you can vote for little old us to get that spot. I normally hate to pester people for this but, yes, we would be absurdly grateful if you’d cast your vote our way–and you can do it (IE vote), as Steve Martin used to say, up to ONE time per day.

What this comes down to is how many people you can mobilize to vote. Yes, other bands have legions of adoring fans spread hither and yon, and yet…I can see a sort of “ragtag gang of misfits from broken homes come together against all odss to win the big game against the prep school kids” type scenario here.

So please, yeah. Do vote for us, ’cause we need it. The dorks of the world need it. History needs it. We love you!

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