Diamond Days Festival July 17-20

Diamond Days Festival Takes Over Oakland This Week

Sorry LA Readers but occasionally I have to take a moment from my regular LA postings to give props to the fantastic music scenes going on up north in San Francisco, Oakland, and Sacramento.

This weekend Heeb Magazine will be presenting the Diamond Days Festival. The annual event will take place July 17-20th at Mama Buzz Cafe and Ghost Town Gallery in Oakland, CA and features some of the best underground music perk elating on the west coast.

Don’t skim and keep reading: What I love MOST about this festival is how many LA bands they’ve booked: Tweak Bird, Ancestors, Princeton, The Moon Upstairs, Young Animals, and Thee Makeout Party will all be performing.

CHECK OUT THE LINEUP/SCHEDULE BELOW. Tickets are just $25 for a 4 day pass which you can purchase clicking here. Seriously, If you live in the Bay Area you really need to go.

[MP3] Tweak Bird – Whorses
[MP3] Thee Makeout Party – To Easy To Love You

PS. Young Animals will also be playing TOMORROW at Kimo’s in San Francisco with Mountain Bride, Husband & Wife, and The Broads. Check out a new track “Cautious Girl” the ensemble just posted on their myspace page. You can hear the song acoustic is the fabulous video filmed by Miss Elainelayabout.

[MP3] Young Animals – Cautious Girl



1st at Mama Buzz Cafe early jam!!

Mist and Mast(Oakland)
Ben Becker(Los Angeles)
Emily Jane White(San Francisco)


2nd! Thursday, July 17 at Ghost Town Gallery 2519 San Pablo Ave. Oakland, CA 7 p.m.
Whalebones (Seattle)
Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound (San Francisco)
Sleepy Sun(San Francisco)
Jeff (Los Angeles)
Cult of Youth (Brooklyn)
Ellen Mary McGee (London)
Young Animals (California)
The Broads (San Francisco)

Friday, July 18 at Ghost Town Gallery, 2519 San Pablo Ave., Oakland, CA, 7 p.m.

Thee Makeout Party(Anaheim)
The Moon Upstairs (Los Angeles)
Tiny Vipers(Seattle)
Princeton (Eagle Rock, California)
Fences (Seattle)
Greg Ashley(Oakland)
No Bunny (Oakland)
Mountainhood (San Francisco)
Lazarus (San Francisco)
Damon and the Heathens(Oakland)
Plus: a pork cook-off with Chow.com

Saturday, July 19 at Ghost Town Gallery, 2519 San Pablo Ave., Oakland, CA, 5 p.m.

Ancestors (Los Angeles)
Tweak Bird (Los Angeles)
Aleks and the Drummer(Chicago)
Ojos Rojos (Claremont, California)
The Fucking Wrath (Ventura, California)
What Cheer? Brigade (Providence, Rhode Island)
Im a Gun (Seattle)
Bridez (San Francisco)
Loving Thunder (Seattle)
Glitter Wizard (Oakland)
Lotto Ball Show (Chicago)


TOMORROW IN LOS ANGELES: Shwayze + Let’s Independent

purchase tickets

Shwayze is positively BLOWING UP these days. “Buzzin” is still running up the pop charts, the boys are on Warped Tour all summer long, and on July 23rd “Buzzin” a new MTV reality series about the band will premiere on MTV. Watch the trailer for the series below.

TOMORROW Shwayze will be performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live and will also be playing a special show at The Roxy presented by KIIS FM. You can enter to win a brand new Pontiac Vibe at the show! Tickets are $15 and can be purchased right here.


Radio Free Silverlake
‘s Let’s Independent is back at Boardner’s with music from The Black Kites, Exitmusic, and The Black Pine. I can’t think of three better bands to share a bill.

Admission is $6 this time and not FREE as per usual. The plus side is there will be $3 Dewar’s drinks all night. Reach into your pockets and support good music.


Cold War Kids – Loyalty To Loyalty

Cold War Kids (Long Beach, CA)

Cold War Kids will release their anticipated sophmore record Loyalty To Loyalty Sept 8th via Downtown Records.

The band has plans for a US tour this fall and will be headlining Sunset Junction on August 23rd. Click here for dates and footage of the band in the studio!

Loyalty To Loyalty
01. “Against Privacy”
02. “Mexican Dogs”
03. “Every Valley Is Not A Lake”
04. “Something Is Not Right With Me”
05. “Welcome To The Occupation”
06. “Golden Gate Jumpers”
07. “Avalanche In B”
08. “I’ve Seen Enough”
09. “Every Man I Fall For”
10. “Dreams Old Men Dream”
11. “On The Night My Love Broke Through”
12. “Relief”
13. “Cryptomnesia”

[MP3] Cold War Kids – Heavy Boots


PHOTOS: The Weather Underground @ The Troubadour (7/7/08)

The Weather Underground @ The Troubadour. Photo By Benjamin Hoste

Photographer Benjamin Hoste sent over these fabulous photos of The Weather Underground from their last Troubadour show this past Monday. Check them out below!



Port O’ Brien Sail Into Spaceland TONIGHT

Port O’ Brien (Oakland, CA) Just imagine the girl on the left is Zebedee.

The magical Port O’ Brien boarded their pleasure boat and have made their way out to Los Angeles for a show TONIGHT at Spaceland with The Builders and The Butchers. Unlike Gilligan and company this performance is only a 3 hr dealio.

I have known Port O’ Brien for a while now. You may remember guitarist Zebedee Zaitz and his band Sparrow’s Gate played our first ever Indie Schmindie back in 2006 (view photos here). Half the band reside in SLO county while the other half lay their claim to Oakland. The band have been touring relentless since SXSW and we are very excited and relieved to see them again. Honestly I go through withdrawals.

Port O’ Brien are on at 11pm TONIGHT but I was given specific instructions to come early to check out The Builders and The Butchers who hail from Portland. From what I’ve heard on myspace they sound AMAZING.

Port O’ Briens new album All We Could Do Was Sing Is Available Now. PS. Watch their video for “I Woke Up Today” Below. It’s kind of amazing. Stereogum agrees.

1. I Woke Up Today

2. Stuck on a Boat

3. Fisherman’s Son

4. Don’t Take My Advice

5. Alive For Nothing

6. Pigeonhold

7. Will You Be There?

8. The Rooftop Song

9. In Vino Veritas

10. Close the Lid

11. Valdez

[MP3] Port O’ Brien – I Woke Up Today

[MP3] The Builders and The Butchers – Bottom Of The Lake



Little Radio Summer Camp Presents Open Mic

This idea borderlines on genius.

Instead of having the usual indie rock elite performing at Little Radio for their Summer Camp series the venue is opening it up to anyone and everyone who wants to play with an Open Mic set. Details are below.

also head over to the Little Radio site and check out photos of Joey and Andy from The Henry Clay People knocking over the 2 story water slide at last weeks show. (View Photos)

So we’re gonna try something fun this Sunday and see how it flies.

This Sunday from 12p-3p we’re going to open the stage up for a LITTLE OPEN MIC action.
Sets will be recorded and the good ones will be posted on Littleradio. com next week. We will then pick the best 3 and have you in for a full in-studio session live on Little Radio that will be filmed and recorded. There will be a back line for everyone to use if needed.

Sign up begins at High Noon, Bands start at 12:30p
You have to use the back line (drum/amps)
15+ slots available
$5 door for performers (includes drinks)
Each person/band gets about 10 minutes
You gotta be ready when your name is called and set up quick
Bring friends/fans for clap track
Don’t Suck!

Here’s what you can use:
3 Piece Drum Kit
2 Guitar Amps
1 Bass Rig
4 mics (57/58), 2 DI’s

All and all keep it simple/fast and focus on a good couple of songs. If you win you can bring in all the crazy gear you want into the studio.



Photo By Jeff Koga for LAist

Ladies and gentlemen. Once again here’s Mr. Tim James

VIDEO: Tim James – “both sides now” (joni mitchell cover) 7.08


Don’t Mess With Tim From The Movies

Don’t Mess With Tim From The Movies

Last night’s My Little Underground event at The Bordello was certainly a night I think most folks will remember for quite some time. The show was presented by Web In Front and Classical Geek Theatre featuring special acoustic sets from some of LA’s finest acts.

The standout performance of the night though was Mr Tim James of The Movies. Part comedy, part vaudeville, part drunken tomfoolery – Tim had the audience in stiches from start to finish and positively SLAYED a cover of Joni Mitchell’s “Clouds.”  The best song of the night was his acoustic version of “When I Was In Nam” which you can hear in the video below.

The Movies will be playing next at Spaceland July 18th with Earlimart and Dios. You won’t want to miss them.

[MP3] The Movies -  Monumental Life



The cream of L.A’s proverbial crop will be gathering tonight to show off unreleased and largely solo material at one of the most gorgeous venues in town. Guaranteed to be a mind blowing occasion to say the least the weight of these songwriters will be on full display tonight and it would be in yr best interest to make it out.



901 E 1ST ST
Los Angeles CA


Princeton Bloomsbury EP Release TONIGHT

I was recently called out for my lack of posting in recent weeks. I apologize peeps. It’s the summer, working long hours, and I’m actually enjoying people busy as hell.

Short post today. Go see this show tonight. I’ll be there


PRINCETON Bloomsbury EP release


Silverlake Lounge
2906 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026 | Map


The Flying Tourbillon – Escapements + The Pity Party

The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra (Los Angeles, CA)

Thanks to la-underground I finally know what the hell a Flying Tourbillon is (read here). The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra are the kind of band that make you feel like your enjoying a nice scotch after work. Over the past year they have really come into their own and TONIGHT they will celebrate the release of a new EP Escapements.

The show tonight is sure to be a affair to remember so come dressed to the nines just for fun.

[MP3] The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra – Don’t Be Fooled

July 3, 2008
Radio Free Silver Lake + Web in Front + We present:


The Echo
1822 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026 | Map
8:30pm / $5/FREE for 21+ / 18+ 


The Pity Party will present “Rubbish” TONIGHT at Echo Curio. The event will feature the artwork of Ronald Dzerigian and the band will be giving away limited edition copies of their EP.

[MP3] The Pity Party – Love Lies


Tonight In LA: The Mae Shi, Death To Anders

The Mae Shi (Los Angeles, CA)

Tonight Classical Geek Theatre, KXLU, and Filter Magazine will present The Mae Shi, Death to Anders, DiE! ROCKERS DiE!, and Light FM at Spaceland. 3 of the 4 bands on the bill are Rock Insider Show alumns and are positively awesome live. This bill is yet another example of the beautiful diversity of the LA music scene. Every band playing tonight sounds completely different but the spirit and passion is all the same. THAT my friends is what we call PUNK ROCK.

Tickets are $8 but RSVP now and get on the $5 list! Full names please!

[MP3] The Mae Shi – Pwned
[MP3] Death To Anders – Camera Lens
[MP3] Die! Rockers Die! – Keep Shining On
[MP3] Light FM – The High

Run to Your Grave from the mae shi on Vimeo.


Young Animals Singer Arrested. Raising Money For Legal Funds

Young Animals (Los Angeles, CA)

The Autonomous Music Festival this past weekend in Victorville was to feature performances from some of the best up and coming LA bands including The Health Club, Die Rockers Die, Halloween Swim Team and Young Animals. Unfortunately the event lacked the proper permits and was busted up by the cops before it really got a chance to start.

On his way back from Victorville Spencer Rollins – the singer for Young Animals was pulled over by police with a broken license plate light.

Spencer was completely sober and compliant when the cops asked to search his car. In their detailed search the police found a single pill of Darvocet – a prescription pain killer and controlled substance in the mess on the floor of his car. The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Dept immediately arrested him and charged him with possession of a controlled substance which is a schedule four felony. His car was impounded and he was released from county jail the following day after posting $10,000 bail.

I like to think that the police are here to help us when we are in need but injustices such as these really make me question our legal system. It’s quite obvious that his arrest was meant to set an example. Spencer was treated as a felon for a single pull – which came from legitimate prescription and had been lost in the mess on the floor for over a year. Meanwhile dozens of violent criminals, sex offenders, and pedophiles roam the streets scott free.

Spencer posted the following message on Young Animals myspace page earlier today asking for donations to help pay his escalating legal fees. If you can help out with a few dollars please click here to donate.

The band is also trying to plan a benefit show later this month to help raise money for legal fees. If you can help out at all please email the band at younganimalsmusic@gmail.com

[MP3] Young Animals – Rot
[MP3] Young Animals – Another Blue Christmas


On the way back from Victorville I was pulled over by the San Bernadino Sheriff for my license plate light being out. I was then arrested and charged for possession of a Controlled Substance. The controlled substance in question was a SINGLE PILL OF DARVOCET, which is a schedule four felony and since it is such my bail to be released from County Jail was 10,000 dollars, which means I only had to pay a thousand but still it’s a thousand dollars i don’t have.

Because I am a poor man living on my parents couch I am asking anyone if they would like to help me set up a benefit show for my court fees. I have already incurred about seven thousand dollars including getting my car out of impound and my self out of county jail. I’m gonna set up a pay pal account that you can donate to if you’d like but my main goal is a make up show (or shows) for the botched autonomous music festival. If any acts are interested let me know. We want to set this up before my court date, which is June 28th.

Thanks for yr ears

Please re-post this and help a brother out

just out from county jail




Shwayze has been “Buzzin” around the LA scene for the past few years and recently has gotten a lot of national buzz, MTV rotation, and radio airplay on KIIS-FM.

TONIGHT Shwayze will perform a FREE SHOW at The Roxy! The show starts at 8PM and is All Ages.

I will be at the show so let me know if you plan on rolling out!


HELL YA! TONIGHT At The Echo W/ The Movies, The Savages, The Voyeurs, and Pizza!

TONIGHT the only place to be is at The Echo. Hell Ya! and ASCAP present The Movies, The Savages, Pizza!, and The Voyeurs. Doors at 8:30. Set times are listed below. See you TONIGHT.


w/DJ sets by

DOORS @ 8:30PM
$5 cover


Update, MP3s, and Summer Fun

Sunny Day Sets Fire (London, UK)

This past week has been pretty stressful but all was forgotten at last night’s Sunny Day Sets Fire show at Spaceland. It was certainly a night to remember. It wasn’t pack to the gills but the people who were there were really into it and the sound was AMAZING. I personally was absolutely FLOORED by their performance. It was the London based project’s first time in America. I’m shocked that not more people have heard of them. 

The band will hopefully be back in the states for some more touring. In the meantime pick up their new album – Summer Palace on iTUNES. It’s required listening thru September.

In Other News:

Pay what you want for the new Girl Talk Album – Feed The Animals. If you thought Night Ripper was good just wait til you hear M.I.A mashed up with The Cranberries. So genius! He’s giving it away for donations right here.

[MP3] Girl Talk – Let Me See You

Fleet Foxes will be playing at Spaceland on Friday. I will be in San Francisco for a wedding so I’ll be missing the show unfortunately. Head over to You Set The Scene and win tickets.

Classical Geek Theatre, Filter Magazine, and KXLU will be presenting The Mae Shi, Death to Anders, Light FM, and DiE ROCKERS DiE at Spaceland on July 1st. I’m giving away two pairs of tickets to the show! To enter email me your full name to jax@rockinsider.com

PS. You have to check out The Mae Shi‘s Cover of Miley Cyrus’ See U Again.

[MP3] The Mae Shi – The Mae Shi Vs. Miley Cyrus See U Again

Muxtape is the best website ever! You can create your own mixes! Check out Rock Insider’s Muxtape Page and subscribe to the RSS. I’ll be updating weekly. 

I just put up my ultimate summer mix with music from The Cramps, Sigur Ros, Sunny Day Sets Fire, Butthole Surfers, The Black Angels, The Voyeurs, HarlemPizza! and one wicked MGMT Remix by Justice


Sunny Day Sets Fire Come To LA

Sunny Day Sets Fire (London, UK)

It’s no secret that I love Sunny Day Sets Fire. The London based project writes some of the most delightful indie pop tunes I’ve heard in years. Their music is positve, upbeat, and makes you grin from ear to ear when you hear it.

This week the 5 piece will be invading LA for three shows including a KXLU sponsored show TONIGHT at Spaceland with In Waves, Line & Circle, and The Monolators. The night is sure to be a positive affair and lot of frickin fun. The Monolators play at 9PM. It is my personal goal to see everyone in the crowd dancing.

Sunny Day Sets Fire‘s new album Summer Palace is available on iTUNES now

[MP3] Sunny Day Sets Fire – Stranger
[MP3] The Monolators – Strawberry Roan
[MP3] In Waves – Love As Scarlett

(2008 IAMSOUND Records – US/Can)

1. Wilderness
2. Stranger
3. Teenagers Talking
4. End Of The Road
5. All Our Songs
6. Smallest Heart On Earth
7. Mandarins
8. Siamese
9. I Dream Along
10. Adrenaline
11. Hollywood
12. Brainless
13. Map Of The World
14. Lack Of View

Tues June 24 at Spaceland
$8 21 Yrs +
88.9 KXLU welcomes
12 pm – Line and Circle
11 pm – In Waves
10 pm- Sunny Day Sets Fire
9 pm- The Monolators
1717 N Silverlake Blvd


Rock Insider Presents: Avi Buffalo Saturday

I apologize for the severe lack of posting content this week. It’s been a toughie on the job front. Been buckling down finishing a rad new website. Rest assured next week will be MUCH better.

Last night’s Rock With A Twist was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun. It was a great night loaded with friends, music, and about 16 dozen pretzels. It was looking like there would be a lot of leftovers then suddenly around midnight they were ALL GONE.

This weekend is jam packed with awesome shows. Today the Warped Tour begins out at the Pomona Fairplex, TONIGHT Smells Like Flan will host their summer solstice party w/ performances from The Cobra Lilies Dorian Wood and Mooey Moobau

Tomorrow night yours truly will be presenting Avi Buffalo, Make Me, Young Animals, and Hotbodies at pehrspace. I know there’s a lot of good shows tomorrow night. All the bands at pehr are up and coming in the scene and the positively delightful. Make Me are driving down from Oakland for the show. It should be a good night. Just up the street Rademacher will be playing with The Hectors at Echo Curio. I highly recommend getting some exercize and going show hopping.

Rock Insider Presents
Make Me
Avi Buffalo
Young Animals
at pehrspace
325 glendale ave

Now for your weekend treat….Please watch this video of Priscilla Ahn performing “Dream” On The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. You may have seen her performing a few songs with The Sweet Hurt at their CD release show. Her serene and calming voice is just magic. It had an instant calming effect.


TONIGHT: Rock With A Twist

TONIGHT the place to be is Eagle Rock Lanes for LA-Underground and Classical Geek Theatre‘s 3rd installment of Rock With A Twist. Tonight’s lineup is completely solid with performances from The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra, Jack Wilson Jr, Downtown/Union, and The Monolators.

Free Admission, cheap booze, All your besties, and did I mention FREE HOMEMADE PRETZELS courtesy of Mary Monolator? No seriously. I watched her make about 13 dozen with my own two eyes last night.

You really have no excuse for not going. Come early and stay late!

[MP3] The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra – In A Dream
[MP3] Downtown/Union – Diamond Skies and Other Flights Of Fancy
[MP3] The Monolators – Rejection Set Me Free


Shows This Week Worth Checking Out

The Airborne Toxic Event

The Airborne Toxic Event, The Henry Clay People, The Deadly Syndrome @ Spaceland [SOLD OUT] 100 tickets will be available at the door so get there early and wait in line.

Young Animals, Next Of Kin, Husband and Wife @ Bordello Some of the best acts in the burgeoning blues and folk scene in the LA. Definately worth checking out.

Thursday June 19th

Classical Geek Theatre and LA-Underground Present: Rock With A Twist w/ The Monolators, The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra, Jack Wilson Jr, and Downtown/Union. @ Eagle Rock Lanes – The show is free and includes FREE PRETZELS! Jack Wilson Jr. features members of The Natural Disasters and The Airborne Toxic Event.

Friday June 20th

Smells Like Flan Summer Solstice Party @ Pehrspace w/ Mooey Moobau, Dorian Wood, and The Cobra Lilies. You thought clogging was over the top? Just wait til you see what happens Friday.

Saturday June 21st

Rock Insider Presents: Avi Buffalo, Make Me (Oakland), Hotbodies @ Pehrspace – $5. All Ages. Rock Insider is presenting this last minute show at Pehrspace. Should be a fun night of really amazing music. Come out!

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