Washed Out Signs To Sub Pop. New Album Out July 12th


In case you’ve been in a deep dark cave all last week you probably know that Ernest Greene aka Washed Out recently announced his long-rumored signing to Sub Pop and has a new album “Within and Without” coming out July 12th. The record was made with Ben Allen who co-produced Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavillion and Deerhunter’s Halcyon releases to name a few.  In other words: THIS ALBUM IS GOING TO BE RAD.

“Eyes Be Closed” is the first track off of the album to be unveiled. I’ve been a massive fan of Washed Outfor a while now and if this track is any precursor to how the rest of the album sounds then it’s already guaraunteed to be on heavy rotation ALL SUMMER LONG.

MP3: Washed Out  - Eyes Be Closed


Cold Showers – I Don’t Mind


I recieved a text message from a friend back in February saying they were watching Cold Showers play at The Satellite and they were amazing. I tried to find music for them online but came up empty handed. Fast forward three months and the band are about to release their debut 7 inch on Mexican Summer. Sometimes it just happens that fast.

Upon first listen “I Don’t Mind” features all your textbook definitions of the Mexican Summer sound (bleached out vocals, fuzzy guitar, post-punk inspired buzz and drone) and almost comes off as being “too cool for school.” Then you hear that guitar riff and you’re hooked.

Pick up their Highlands 7 Inch from Mexican Summer now.

MP3: Cold Showers – I Don’t Mind



Video: Austra – Lose It

Austra could easily be written off as a blonde Florence and The Machine but once you delve deeper you find an incredibly talented vocalist and artist. Austra is the brainchild of Canadian born Katie Stelmanis. Now a trio they have been a mainstay of the Toronto scene. Yes, SHE HAS PIPES but also a style all her own. Her new album ‘Feel It Break’ is out May 17th on Domino.  Watch the video for “Lose It” above. I’m pretty sure your interest will be perked up.

MP3: Austra – Lose It




LA Vampires Goes Ital – Streetwise


We have a little bit of a label crush on Not Not Fun. OK – kind of a big crush when we think about it. Amanda Brown’s LA Vampires project rose in prominence last year with some notewrothy collaborations with Zola Jesus and Matrix Metals. Now LA Vampires return with a new collaboration with Daniel Martin-McCormick (Ital, Mi Ami, Sex Worker).  It will be released under the name LA Vampires Goes Ital. The 12″ EP  is tentatively scheduled for a May 25 release date on Not Not Fun and features “Streetwise” below. Perfect soundtrack to any downtown artwork.

MP3: LA Vampires Goes Ital – Streetwise

(via Altered Zones)


Video: Sutja Gutiérrez – Spanish Poem

Sutja Gutiérrez made a video for “Spanish Poem!” Watch it above. and please donate to help send Sutja on tour in the U.S. 100% of the sales of “White Ponycorn In My Room” will go towards the tour.  The album is out now on JAXART Records.

PLEASE DONATE TO SEND SUTJA ON TOUR: www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=CSLWPLEU78DY4


Sutja Gutiérrez – Spanish Poem from Sutja Gutiérrez on Vimeo.

Sutja Gutiérrez – Borderline (Hell, Im The) by jaxart


RACES – Big Broom/Living Cruel & Rude

RACES (Los Angeles, CA)


JAXART Records has a new 7 inch out now for RACES – a seven piece brooding rock ensemble from our hometown of Los Angeles, CA. The band celebrated their 7 Inch release last friday at The Satellite in Silverlake to a large crowd playing a handful of new songs as well as old favorites. “Big Broom” and “Living Cruel and Rude” posted below are featured on the 7 inch release. “Big Broom” is a monster of an introduction featuring a driving moog line, amazing vocal harmonies, and a strong sense of musicianship and melody. “Living Cruel & Rude” is a slower more brooding track with incredible feel and tone. That and the vocals just KILL me.  Obviously I’m biased to every release JAXART puts out but that’s because we release only music we’re positively IN LOVE with. We give both tracks below one GIANT seal of approval and hope you will listen for yourself! Download below and don’t forget to order the 7 inch in our online store.

MP3: Races – Big Broom [via]

MP3: Races – Cruel & Rude [via]



Fidlar – Max Can’t Surf


3 Chord power rock. Check.
Snotty vocals. Check
Thrash punk blended with surf guitar riff. Check.
Cheap beer. Double Check.

Singing about how your friend Max can’t surf because he smokes two packs a day and has no balance? Golden.

This track by Fidlar is catchy as fuck made by a duo who embody the west coast punk sound of the early 80s. Fidlar found their footing playing all ages shows and FMLY Rides. Download if you appreciate Black Lips, Wavves, Ty Segall. Their new 7 Inch EP DIYDUI is out now on White Iris. Buy it here or stream more tracks off the release at bandcamp.

MP3: Fidlar – Max Can’t Surf

Fuck It Dog, Life’s A Risk!

- Limited edition 7″
- Black vinyl
- Spicy Paloma guaranteed


1. Wake Bake Skate
2. Oh
3. Wait For The Man
4. Max Can’t Surf


John Maus – Believer

K – Officially obsessed with John Maus. The one time Ariel Pink collaborator first started sparking my interest just before SXSW this year. I tried so desperately to catch one of his performances at the festival but all attempts were in vein.

With the release of his latest track “Believer” – an epic spaced out jam that sounds like it should be the theme song for a psychedelic john hughes picture, I’m a full on fan.

John Maus plays the Echo in Los Angeles May 13th Geneva Jacuzzi and Holy ShitGet your tickets now.

Download and video for “Believer” below.

John Maus – Believer by RibbonMusic


Superhumanoids – Parasite Paradise EP

Superhumanoids (Los Angeles, CA)

Good lord I’m behind on posting. Been a hectic few weeks so bare with me.

I would be remiss not to introduce you to Superhumanoids‘ fantastic new EP Parasite Paradise. The band have really stepped things up with this release.  Their own label Hit City USA has also grown by leaps and bounds to include an amazing roster of releases from Lord Huron, Princeton, and The Franks.

The 4 song EP is lush and male/female vocal harmonies terrific. I really feel it displays the perfect amount of gauzy fuzz and upbeat rhythms which a lot of bands overdo. This does not sound like a product of an LA band which is probably why it appeals to me so much. Download their first single “Malta” below or stream the EP on Soundcloud. My personal favorite is their soaring track “Mirrors.”

You can also purchase the EP on 12″ Purple Vinyl. Have I mentioned lately that I am a sucker for purple vinyl? Don’t know why.

MP3: Superhumanoids – Malta

Parasite Paradise by superhumanoids


VIDEO: White Denim – Drug

Can we talk about how much I missed White Denim? The band are about to release a new album entitled “D” May 24th on Downtown Records and have just released a totally trippy new video for their track “Drug.” The video features some pretty redonkulous stop motion effects.  Kudos to the band for enduring what was the longest day ever with production assistants piling toilet paper and all sorts of crazy crap on their faces. The end result is pretty awesome. Watch above and listen below!

White Denim – Drug by WhiteDenim


Video: Cheeseburger – Winner

Cheeseburger (New York City, NY)


I first discovered Cheeseburger through their debut LP which was released through Kemado back in 2007. The balls out rockers from New York City specialize in tongue-in-cheek party anthems. Their tunes are light-hearted and have been known inspire fist pumps, drunken dancing, and other exploits. Cheeseburger will be releasing their follow up album “Another Big Night Down The Drain” on May 3rd through Williams Street Records which is Adult Swim‘s label. It’s become my go to album at the gym and “Winner” with it’s over the top chorus has become my power track to push me through from mile 4 to mile 5.

Stream “Winner”  + watch the video featuring the band animated alongside characters from Superjail on Adult Swim. Cheeseburger’s guitarist Christy Karacas is one of the creators from the show. The album is also available for pre-order on iTUNES!

Winner by cheeseburgernyc


Sutja Gutiérrez – White Ponycorn In My Room




We’ve written about Sutja a few times before and over the past few months have really gotten to know young spanish ad quite well. Today we released a FREE ALBUM for the lovely Sutja Gutiérrez entitled “White Ponycorn In My Room” on our little label JAXART Records. You can download the complete album over at Bandcamp.

This record comes presented with a twist. While the record is TOTALLY FREE we do ask that if you feel inspired please donate some cash to help Sutja go on tour. With rising gas prices touring is becoming less of a possibility for independent artists to hit the road. We desperately want to bring Sutja to the US to tour but the only way we can make this happen is if everyone chips in. Donate at the link below if you can and enjoy “Borderline (Hell, I’m The) off the album below!


1. Always Lane (Intro)
2. Borderline (Hell, I’m The) [mp3]
3. I Don’t Want To Be Alone (Reprise)
4. Spanish Poem
5. Another Room (Always Doom)
6. White Ponycorn
7. Oh, Say Good Bye (Outro)


Sutja Gutiérrez – Borderline (Hell, Im The) by jaxart


Win Tickets To See Yuck/Porcelain Raft at Satellite Tomorrow Night


YUCK and Porcelain Raft‘s show at The Echo tonight is unfortunately SOLD OUT. Which is why we’re giving away tickets to see the band’s TOMORROW at The Satellite. Enter below to win a pair of tickets to see our two of our favorite new acts this year!

MP3: YUCK – Despite Everything (Porcelain Raft Cover)

MP3: Porcelain Raft – The Wall (YUCK Cover)




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Video: Kit – Ambrosia

This video directed by Vice Cooler for Kit seriously cracks me up.


JAXART Avocado Tomatillo Mix April 2011

I don’t know why but I just felt like trying my hand at something new this week so I made Avocado Tomatillo Salsa for the first time ever. Watch out for the Serrano Peppers. I made the mistake of touching my eye and was in the shower trying to rinse it out for about 45 minutes!

It inspired me to make a mix of music from a few upcoming JAXART Presents shows we have going on. It includes music from Jeans Wilder, Speculator, a. d. l. r. , W-H-I-T-E, Steffaloo, Ema & The Ghosts, And Pageants. All the bands playing are WONDERFUL. We really hope you can make it out to one of the shows!

Stream the mix in the player below or over at 8tracks.com. Be sure to follow us on 8tracks for even more mixes!


MP3: Sun Glitters (Feat Steffaloo) – C o s m i c  O c e a n s

MP3: W-H-I-T-E – Fountain

MP3: Jeans Wilder – International Waters

MP3: a. d. l. r. – Wisp

MP3: Speculator – Pure Ecstasy

MP3: So Many Wizards – Nico

MP3: Ema & The Ghosts – Ice Cream

MP3: Pageants – Cacti For Clothes


VIDEO: tUnE-yArDs – Bizness

I had a discussion with someone just last night at the Echoplex about their love/hate relationship with tUnE-yArDs. I will wholeheartedly admit that I am a fan. This video is just too glorious weird to ignore. That and I’m partial to modern dance in music videos. I blame Kate Bush for that.

w h o k i l l – tUnE-yArDs’ follow up is out April 19th on 4AD.


Win Tickets To See The Dodos/Reading Rainbow Tomorrow Night

Well most of you know we;ve loved The Dodos for damn near forever and the fact that they are touring with new favs Reading Rainbow makes me insanely happy. This is why we’re giving away a pair of tickets to see them play live TOMORROW NIGHT at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles. Enter to Win Below!

NOTE: winners will be notified via email before 3pm PST tomorrow.

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Punks On Mars – Glitter on Mars


A few weeks back we presented a show with Punks on Mars here in Los Angeles. It’s the moniker of the artist formerly known as Luke Perry who we’ve come to just refer to as the “ingenious Ryan Howe.” I do believe he has created a new genre which I’m going to call “lo fi stadium rock….in space.” Good stuff

Altered Zones broke the news that he will be releasing his debut full length entitled Madame Tussaud Overdrive pm LP and cassette later this year. Details here.

MP3: Punks On Mars – Glitter On Mars


Youth Lagoon – July



It’s not quite summer yet but my mind is already there. I recently discovered this track by Youth Lagoon and have had it on repeat all morning. Youth Lagoon is the moniker of Trevor Powers hailing from Boise, Idaho where I took many summer road trips in high school.

There is a childlike awe in his voice that reminds me of summer nights visiting gem county sitting around fire pits, floating down rivers, and driving well into the mountains to find ghost towns left over from the mining boom. Wonderful building track that gives me chills by the end. Download below!

MP3: Youth Lagoon – July


Doña Nicha – The Gentleman From Paris (Water Babies)

Doña Nicha (Los Angeles, CA)

MP3: Doña Nicha – The Gentleman From Paris (Water Babies)

I was sold on listening to Doña Nicha because it was described as being “of the same vein as Dum Dum Girls and Wavves.”  Upon my first listen I determined within the first three seconds of the first song that they  did in fact sound NOTHING like either or those bands.

Their debut Tila EP encompasses all the best parts of the 90s. A more accurate description of their music would be “If Sean Lennon and Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips’ had a love child – his band would sound like this.”

Doña Nicha formed in 2007 by brothers Nick and Billy Gil and neighbor Jason Hanakeawe. The name Doña Nicha (meaning “Madam Nicha” in Spanish) inspired a melodramatic reading of the band’s influences. Take a listen to “The Gentleman From Paris” above and be sure to purchase their EP on bandcamp for a whopping .50 cents!

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