Video: Katy Perry – Thinking Of You

Katy Perry (Los Angeles, CA)

Katy Perry just unveiled her new 1940s themed video for “Thinking of You” this week. This video is so beautifully styled I just HAD to post it. Just take a look at her shoes. See I’m not traditionally a show freak but ALL THE SHOES IN THIS VIDEO ARE FABULOUS!

Oh ps. Sad ending too.

Katy Perry – Thinking of You

  • DAN

    jaxxy! hope you had a good new year… i know i’ll see you at least a few times in 09.

    oh by the way, saw katy perry at gridlock on new years eve, great shoes then too. haha

  • cLAy TV

    Yeah, guilty. Her album actually made my top 50 of 08′ over at cLAy TV. Shhhh, don’t tell.

  • katycat!

    Aw I love the video too! It’s amazing. Ya’ll are undercover katycats so come join the forum already! hahaha

    http://www.katyperryforum.com :)

  • Anonymous

    can someone please tell me what kind of shoes she is wearing when she is riding the bike and where can i get them?
    i’ve been searching every where.

  • Anonymous

    was the matt dallas from kyle xy that she was in love with

  • Anonymous

    The black and white flat shoes? Those are saddle shoes, if those are the ones you are referring to.