VIDEO: The Henry Clay People – Winter Song

The Henry Clay People – THE WINTER SONG from vbkid on Vimeo.

Well I have a huge softee for The Henry Clay People and have for years. Hell I even put out their first ever 7 inch single for “Working Part Time (you can still buy it right here). The kids are gearing up to release a new EP in May entitled “This Is A Desert.”

Ladies and Gents – I have heard the whole thing and I’m happy to say it’s GOOD. The Clays return to their roots on their latest offering with songs more along the vein of their first release “Blacklist the Kid With The Red Mustache” than later projects. I for one am tickled pink to see the band revisiting the sound that set them apart rather than blend in.

You can hear “The Winter Song” off the new EP in the video above. The track is ingeniously set to a video of brothers and band mates Andy and Joey Siara KICKING THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF EACH OTHER ON TOUR. My money’s on Andy because he has the crazy hair and evil glint in his eye.