FMLY Fest 2011 Lineup

Our dear dear friends at FMLY have announced the full lineup for the 2nd annual FMLY FEST which will be held Dec. 29th and 30th! The fest will feature performances by Rock Insider favs Steffaloo, Kid Infinity, FIDLAR, Vacation Dad, Oregon Bike Trails, W-H-I-T-E, Blackbird Blackbird, and more. We seriously couldn’t have put togethera  better bill ourselves!

Full lineup and details can be found after the jump! Download MP3s from some of the acts playing below!

MP3: Steffaloo feat Pandit – The Red Runs Free (Sun Glitters Remix) 

MP3: W-H-I-T-E – Fountain

MP3: Fidlar – Oh

MP3: Oregon Bike Trails – Cayucas

MP3: So Many Wizards – Best Friends 

MP3: Kid Infinity – The End is Never Now 

MP3: Blackbird Blackbird – Halo 

Get tickets and all the info at - http://fmlyfest.tumblr.com/


::Pangea (LA) http://togetherpangea.bandcamp.com/
::Cosmonauts (LA) http://cosmonautstheband.bandcamp.com/
::Lovely Bad Things (LA) http://lovelybadthings.bandcamp.com/
::TRMRS (LA) http://trmrs.bandcamp.com/
::FIDLAR (LA) http://fidlar.bandcamp.com/
::Oregon Bike Trails (LA) http://oregonbiketrails.bandcamp.com/
::W-H-I-T-E (LA) http://w-h-i-t-e.bandcamp.com/
::Gangi (LA) http://gangi.bandcamp.com/
::Ahkiyyini (LA) http://ahkiyyini.bandcamp.com/
::VerBS (LA) http://verbs.bandcamp.com/
::PREGNANT (LA) pregnant.bandcamp.com
::Kid Static (LA) www.kidstatic.com
::Steffaloo (LA) http://steffaloo.bandcamp.com/
::Kynan (San Diego) http://kynan.bandcamp.com/
::Blackbird Blackbird (SF) http://blackbirdblackbird.bandcamp.com/
::Truman Peyote (Boston / WI) http://trumanpeyote.bandcamp.com/
::Vacation Dad (LA / WI) http://vacationdad.bandcamp.com/
::Philip Seymour Hoffman (NY) http://philipseymourdustinhoffman.bandcamp.com/
::Emily Reo (FL / NY) http://emilyreo.bandcamp.com/
::Birthdays (Boston) http://birthdays.bandcamp.com/
::Jack Littman (LA) http://jacklittman.bandcamp.com/
::Twin Steps (Oakland) http://twinsteps.bandcamp.com/
::Professor Calculus (LA) http://www.tgrbld.com/
::Stay Cool Forever (Pomona) http://soundcloud.com/staycoolforever
::Kid Infinity (LA) http://kidinfinity.com/
::Yohuna (Eau Claire, WI) http://yohuna.bandcamp.com/
::M31 (LA) http://www.myspace.com/mthirtyone
::Gothic Tropic (LA) http://www.facebook.com/GOTHICTROPIC
::DUDES (SD) http://duudes.bandcamp.com/
::Oh Fortuna (FL) http://ohfortuna.bandcamp.com/
::Dream Panther (LA) http://soundcloud.com/dreampanther
::Gibbons and the Sluts (LA) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Gibbons-and-the-Sluts/154950901183657
::Ana Caravelle (LA) http://www.nonprojects.net/blog/126/
::Geoff Geis (LA) http://geoffgeis.bandcamp.com/
::Halloween Swim Team (LA) http://halloweenswimteam.com/
::So Many Wizards (LA) http://www.somanywizards.com/
::Dark Sea of Awareness (FL) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dark-sea-of-awareness/150100551667483
::POWERAXE (LA) http://poweraxe.bandcamp.com/
::Messy Sparkles (AR) http://messysparkles.bandcamp.com/
::NRK Collective http://nrkpyramids.bandcamp.com/
::TGR BLD (LA) http://www.tgrbld.com/
::Michael Parallax (FL) http://michael-parallax.bandcamp.com/
::Lady Lazarus (CA) ladylazarus.bandcamp.com
::Salvador (LA) http://salvadorproject.com/
::Magical Mistakes (LA / JAPAN) http://magicalmistakes.bandcamp.com/
::Vision Quest

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