Youth Lagoon – Afternoon

In case i didn’t make it clear enough that I am thoroughly obsessed with Youth Lagoon‘s debut LP here is another track off the release.  ”Afternoon”  actually happens to be my favorite track off the record which I play almost daily and sing along in my car to. Not ashamed to admit it. Best debut record I have heard in a long time.

Youth Lagoon‘s debut LP is out this week on Fat Possum. Pitchfork just gave the album a well deserved Best New Music. BUY THE RECORD. FO’ REALS

MP3: Youth Lagoon – Afternoon


Real Estate – Green Aisles

Real Estate‘s swoon worthy California-by-way-of-New-Jersey sound has become the blueprint for many bands looking to achieve blissed out indie pop success. Copycats try as they might but there is something effortless and genuine to way Real Estate present themselves that puts them far above the bell curve.

Case in point: “Green Aisles” off their sophmore offering “Days” which will be released stateside Oct. 18th via Domino.

Real Estate will play at The Echoplex In Los Angeles Nov. 12

MP3: Real Estate – Green Aisles



JAXART Presents – Essential LA Indie

Spotify is slowly but surely changing the way I listen to music thoughout the day. Websites like Sharemyplaylists.com are also opening my ears up to even more great music.

Today we launch a new featured playlist on Spotify: JAXART Presents Essential LA Indie.  This will be an ever evolving playlist featuring what we feel is the best indie music Los Angeles music has to offer. Our current mix includes music from  Chelsea Wolfe, Ariel Pink Warpaint, Fidlar, PAPA, Pepper Rabbit, Hanni El Khatib and more.

Listen To The Playlist At Spotify Now 

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MP3: Fidlar – Wake Bake Skate

MP3: Papa – I Am The Lion King 

MP3: Hanni El Khatib – Come Alive

Chelsea Wolfe – Mer
Chelsea Wolfe – Mer by P 3 N D V ◊ N Y C

MP3: Warpaint – Undertow

MP3: Grouplove – Itchin’ On A Photograph

MP3: Pepper Rabbit – 1453 Annexation of Puerto Rico 




TV Girl – Girls Like Me

We’ve been in love with TV Girl for a while now. They even played a JAXART Presents show for us at Lot 1 back in February. The San Diego natives play feel good retro-electro twinged indie pop. The guys have a new 7 inch The Girls Like Me available now on Small Plates Records. Strong offering for their first formal release. “Girls Like Me” is a sunny diddy that gets stuck in your head. Stream the new track below.

Girls Like Me by TV Girl


Foster The People Play SNL Oct 8th.

Well I can’t say I’m not suprised. “Pumped Up Kicks” may as well been made for SNL’s music dept. LA’s own Foster the People will be performing live on SNL Oct 8th with Host Ben Stiller.

I’m just going to come out and say it. I think their set will be more enjoyable than Radiohead’s performance on SNL last week.

MP3: Foster The People – Helena Beat


The Weeknd Remixes Florence + The Machine

What Happens when The Weeknd remixes Florence + The Machine? Awesomeness insues. Pretty sure people will be getting laid to this track.

Listen to the Weeknd’s remix of Flroence + The Machines new single “Shake It Out” over at Disco Naivete.



MP3: Florence + Machine – Shake It Out (Weeknd Remix) – Zane Lowe Radio 1 Premiere


Video: Twin Sister “Kimmi In A Rice Field”


Twin Sister‘s debut LP In Heaven came out this week on Domino. “Kimmi In A Rice Field” is a soaring number that showcases and gets a little haunted at the end.

Stream the whole album right now before you buy over at Soundcloud.

MP3: Twin Sister – Kimmi In A Rice Field


PAPA – A Good Woman Is Hard To Find

I have been sitting on PAPA’s amazing new EP “A Good Woman Is Hard To Find” for far too long. PAPA is the project of Darren Weiss & Daniel Presant who also double as supporting members for Girls. The fine folks at Hit City U.S.A hooked me up with a copy several weeks ago and it has been in regular rotation during my work day. So much so that Last.fm thinks my most listened to band of the past two weeks is PAPA Roach.

Long story short – This EP is flawless. You need to sit and listen to the whole thing and then try and think about what life was like before you listened to it. Ok thats a bit of an oversell – but honestly I cannot get enough. Listen to two tracks “I Am The Lion King” and “Ain’t So” below.
Pick up a copy of the EP on 12″ Inch Vinyl via Hit City U.S.A, in conjunction with Psychedelic Judaism

PAPA: Ain’t It So by Hit City USA

PAPA will play their EP release show on Oct. 12th at The Bootleg. RACES and The Franks will support. [purchase tickets]

PAPA: I Am The Lion King by Hit City USA


Video: TUNE-YARDS – Gangsta

I live in Echo Park right next to Echo Park Lake. Gun shots and ghetto birds lull me to sleep everynight. This song is my anthem.

Watch Tune-Yards new video for “Gangsta” above.


New GAMES track – No Disguise




We all thought GAMES was dead and buried by Ford + Lopatin. This weekend the gents released an unheard MIDI-laced gem under their old moniker through their blog. Listen below.


GAMES – No Disguise by Ford & Lopatin

(via GvB)


Video We Missed – Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Ffunny Ffrends

Don’t know how I missed this awesome video for Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s track “Ffunny Ffrends” last week. Extra points for creative use of leftover emo studded belts.

(via abeano)


College Feat. Electric Youth – A Real Hero


If you haven’t yet – you have to see Drive. Not because some heartthrob pseudo indie actors are in it. Not because it looks like some crazy stylized LA Heist movie. Hell – not even to see Joan from Mad Men in full ghetto hunny glory.
GO SEE DRIVE because the music in this film is so spot on. Their use of dark wave and synth pop creates such a alien soundscape amidst an equally surreal storyline.  The film features music from relatively unknown acts such as the Italians Do It Better crew and College – whose track “A Real Hero” kind of makes the whole movie.

Mark my words – this track will be nominated for an Oscar.

College feat. Electric Youth – A Real Hero (music from the motion picture DRIVE) by College


Video: Dum Dum Girls – Bedroom Eyes

Dee Dee and the gals of Dum Dum Girls drop their sophmore album Only In Dreams this week along with the debut of their new video for “Bedroom Eyes.” This song gets caught in your head and after watching this circling swirling kaleidoscope of a performance video you probably will have a hard time dissociated the project from patterned tights and red lipstick as well. Pick up the album in the Sub Pop Shop.


Video: Magic Machines – Hey Mister

I’m not one who actively seeks out deadmau5 style pulse pounding house music but somehow I stumbled across this video by L.A based project Magic Machines and found myself entranced. I’ve watched it about 10 times now this morning.

The video is entirely comprised of your favorite animated gifs from the interwebs set in perfect time to the project’s spin-class worthy jams. Watch the video above at your own risk.

You can stream Magic Machines EP over at Soundcloud.

MM1 EP by Magic Machines


Cool Show Alert: School Night w/ Ivy, RACES, and Duniven TONIGHT



Video: Neon Indian – Polish Girl

Neon Indian unveiled his new video today for “Polish Girl” off his new album Era Extraña

The video was directed by Tim Nackashi and produced in collaboration between The Creators Project, Neon Indian, and Mom + Pop Music.

It’s Trippy.



New Mezzanine Owls – Obstacle

Back in 2008 Los Angeles noisepop proveyuers Mezzanine Owls took a chance on an upstart bedroom label. They stuck it out in those awkward early days and after a few months of planning their fuzz drenched Snow Globe EP was released on our very own JAXART Records. The EP was well recieved and became a staple for any indie loving concert goer cruising around Silverlake/Echo Park on a Monday night.

We are very happy to announce we will be releasing a new 7 inch for Mezzanine Owls on Oct 11th with two all new tracks.

With “Obstacle” b/w “Tethered To A Fountain” Mezzanine Owls further explore the deeper realms of noise and melody resulting in what many are sure to view as their best work to date. Only 250 copies of this limited release will be made and are bound to go insanely fast.

Listen to a new track off the 7 inch “Obstacle” below!

MP3: Mezzanine Owls – Obstacle 


Mezzanine Owls - Obstacle/Tethered To A Fountain 7 Inch
Pre-order now via JAXART Records. Available October 2011


Video: Youth Lagoon – Montana

Youth Lagoon – Montana from Tyler T Williams on Vimeo.

Youth Lagoon is my favorite new release of the year. Favorite emerging talent. Favorite – well, you get the picture.

Watch the new video for “Montana” above and seriously YOU NEED THIS ALBUM.


Wilco – Born Alone

I think I finally may be coming around on Wilco. Even though this song reminds me a lot of “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart”

New album – The Whole Love is out Sept 27th. Pre-order it here.

They also will be on tour - like a lot.


Flying Lotus, Nosaj Thing, Tokimonsta, Allah Las Among Highlights for 2011 Eagle Rock Music Festival



The Eagle Rock Music Festival has announced the lineup for it’s 13th annual event and also a new $5 suggested donation. Organizers say that no one will be barred from the festival for not having enough dough. Still $5 for the lineup being offered + family events and free arts and crafts demos is BEYOND A DEAL. The Fest will take place October 1st from 4-11pm on Colorado Blvd in Eagle Rock.

What I love about the ERMF is that is truly embodies the spirit of a neighborhood festival. You’ll more than likely find me camped out at the Low End Theory Stage featuring Flying Lotus, Nosaj Thing, and Tokimonsta among others. Full lineup after the jump!


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